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Christmas Promotional Ideas for Retail

Autumn hasn't hit yet but it's time for retailers to prepare for Christmas! There are many ways to promote your retail brand and increase footfall to bricks and mortar stores or clicks and visits to online retailers. Take a look at our three ideas to help you with your retail promotions for Christmas 2018.

Christmas Promotional Ideas for Retail

As Summer draws to a close, retailers have already switched their focus to Autumn & Winter. Christmas is the biggest draw of the season and when a lot of shops make a big chunk of their profits. Bad business at Christmas can make or break a retailer so you should be doing all you can to maximise sales and get some new footfall at Christmas. This applies whether you're a traditional bricks & mortar store or an online retailer.  

For the best Christmas promotions, planning is key. You'll need time to plan your window display, what stock you want to sell and create any related items such as branded carrier bags and bespoke shopping bags.  As the nights start to draw in people will start thinking about preparing for Christmas, so get ready! 

If you're still getting to grips with how your retail shop can attract custom this Christmas, check out our ideas for some effective retail promotions: 

Three Ways to Promote Your Retail Brand at Christmas 

1. Christmas Shopping Events

Host special Christmas events to get the tills ringing! Have an exclusive shopping event for loyal and valued customers or open the invitation to all.  Offer festive shopping times with product demos, discounts and special offers to get customers buying for Christmas but also returning in the New Year.

Don't forget to have some Christmas goodies like mince pies and mulled wine on hand to add a festive, welcoming feel to your event. Online retailers can't offer physical goodies at their event but think about what you could do. Christmas music, decorations, free gifts and discounts will all help add to the Christmas feeling.      

It may sound obvious, but when you host an event make sure that the branding & decoration in-store matches the season. Create a seasonal window display, add some decoration about the shop so that it feels like Christmas when people walk in. Make your products look attractive to tempt people to buy. 

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Online Retailers

Online Retailers can host a 'virtual' Christmas shopping experience. Offer exclusive discounts & extras for a limited time only to drive click through to your store. Make sure you decorate and brand your online Christmas shop - if you don't decorate the whole site, have a dedicated Christmas section as Christmas shopping won't feel the same without it!   


2. Give a Free Christmas Gift 

Christmas is a time of giving, so it's a great idea to give your customers a gift. This gift could be some discount vouchers or a free gift with purchases. Some retailers choose to offer a free branded reusable shopping bag to Christmas shoppers. It's a really practical gift that shoppers can use to carry purchases home and reuse for other shopping trips. They offer a great return on the investment as they help to advertise your retail brand around town!   

They can also be used at Christmas shopping events as a goody bag for shoppers or a free gift to thank them for coming. They are also a fun addition to your window display and Christmas decorations. 

Creating a branded reusable bag is also a great idea for online retailers. Send them as a gift with Christmas orders - shoppers will love the feeling the gift gives them and each time it's reused it will help to spread your brand message too. 

Branded shopping bags are big enough to get creative with your design and brand message. Choose from a wide range of print options and bag colour for an eye-catching bag that will get your brand noticed and drive visits to your website just by giving a simple Christmas gift!

To find out more on how branded bags can help online retailers promote their brand read our blog, Creating Bags of Benefit for Online Retailers & Brands.


3. Spread some Christmas Cheer  

Christmas is also about thinking about others less fortunate than ourselves and spreading good will. Retailers can team up with a charity and create co-branded reusable bags. Whether you choose a charity supporting disadvantaged kids, the elderly, animals or the environment will depend on your brand values and audience. 

There are several ways reusable bags can be used to raise funds and awareness for charities: 

- Sell the bags and donate a percentage of sales to your chosen charity

- Use them for a donation drive. Ask customers to fill them with food, clothes and gifts which can be donated to disadvantaged families, children and older people

- Get customers and staff involved in fund-raising by wearing fancy dress or completing a challenge/sporting event.  

Helping charities has a lot of benefits - it shows the retailer as a 'caring' brand. It also provides valuable PR and increased footfall in-store. This strategy can be implemented by small, local retailers as well as national chains. 

These are just three ways you could promote your retail brand this Christmas. For more ideas, check out the links below for further reading. 

Need Branded Reusable Bags for Christmas 2018?

Time is running out to order your Reusable Christmas Bags. Order deadlines depend on what material you require and when you need the bags. We recommend ordering early for cheaper prices - it can save you approximately a third of the cost of express delivery. 

To get lowest priced bags for Christmas 2018 we will need your orders placed by either 7th or 21st September 2018. 

Friday 7th September: Laminated Woven PP and rPET Ecobags
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You can still order reusable bags after these dates, but it will cost a bit more. Express orders take around 3-6 weeks so make sure you leave enough time. 

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