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Look Good and Feel Good this Recycle Week

It's Recycle Week! Most household recycle from the kitchen, but many of us are forgetting about the bathroom. Aerosols & glass perfume bottle can also be recycled - check out our recycling stats and tips...

Look Good and Feel Good this Recycle Week

Whether your bathroom regime is a quick shower or a two-hour makeover, Smartbags is teaming up with Recycle Now this Recycle Week to encourage the UK to look and feel good by recycling bathroom items like empty deodorants and finished-with fragrances.

While we all do our bit to recycle what we can, certain items around the house can somehow evade the recycling bin. Recycling just a few more items can make a big difference – and the bathroom is a good place to start.

Bathroom Recycling

In the UK, almost 90% of packaging is recycled in our kitchens, while just over half (52%) of items are recycled in the bathroom. New research from Recycle Now found that:

-  49% of the UK population admit to not always recycling their aerosols including deodorant and hairspray from the bedroom or bathroom.

-  38% of the UK population say they don’t always recycle glass items in the bedroom such as aftershave and perfume bottles after they are empty.

- Recycle Now has calculated that if just 1,100 households recycled one more deodorant spray, it would save enough energy to power a typical primary school for one day. 

- Recycling just three empty deodorants, can provide these essentials to your ‘getting ready’ routine by saving enough energy to power a shower for eight minutes, or a home sound system for 32 hours!

While recycling may feel like a chore, the benefits of recycling are seemingly endless – what goes around comes around, after all!

Did you know that aerosols such as deodorants and hair sprays can be recycled again and again without any loss in quality? So you may see them come back in items such as parts of your mobile phones, dishwashers or even as another aerosol!

Top Bathroom Recycling Tips:

1. Put a recycling bag or bin in your bathroom or bedroom to make recycling an easy part of your routine

2. Where possible, empty and rinse containers before recycling

3. Put caps and lids back on your glass containers before recycling

4. Remove plastic lids and caps from air-freshener, deodorant and shaving foam aerosols where easy to do so and place separately in the recycling

5. Mirrors and nail varnish bottles are not recyclable and should go into your general waste Where possible empty and rinse containers before they go in the recycling bin

Don’t forget, if you aren’t sure about what you can recycle at home, use the Recycling Locator at www.RecycleNow.com.

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