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New Product Range - Recycled Promotional Bags

Introducing our new range of Branded Bags for Life made from Laminated Woven Recycled PP. These eco-friendly recycled promotional bags are ideal for supermarkets, retailers and any business that cares about sustainability and their impact on the environment.

New Product Range - Recycled Promotional Bags

Are you looking for an eco-friendly branded bag for life for your business? 

Then check out our exciting new range of recycled promotional bags made from Laminated  Woven Polypropylene (50-70% recycled content).

These recycled shopping bags are an eco-friendly promotional product that's ideal for supermarkets, retailers, event organisers and sustainability brands.  A practical, useful branded item that your customers will love and will be reused again and again for shopping trips and days out - spreading your brand message each time. 

This is just one reason why a Branded Bag for Life is a great choice for marketeers.  Read on to find out why choosing Smartbags woven recycled bags for life has several other benefits for your business branding:    

4 Benefits of Recycled Promotional Bags

1. Eco-friendly & Sustainable

Recycled Woven PP is made by taking old plastic & PP scraps and recycling them into new PP granules. The granules are then melted down and turned into the eco-friendly material which is then weaved into sheets of woven PP.  The recycled woven PP is then transformed into our new range of recycled shopping bags for life.  

Our recycled promotional bags are fully recyclable and can be melted down after use, recycled and made into other products like more reusable recycled bags, garden furniture and more!

The 3 R's - reduce, reuse and recycle should be the mantra of any business that is looking to be more sustainable. Read more about this in our blog,  How to Make Your Business More Sustainable

2. Strong & Durable

Recycled Woven PP  is a tough material! It's ideal for heavy duty shopping bags which carry heavy loads of groceries and other big and bulky products. It won't tear or break meaning a promotional bag for could last for several years. 

We laminate our recycled woven bags - this shiny layer helps to make the bags waterproof and easier to wipe clean. 

3.  Large Print Area for Branding

Laminated Woven PP is a great fabric to print on allowing your business to broadcast marketing messages with high quality design and print finish. It's really suited to graphic and digitally produced artwork so go wild with full colour print with 100% print coverage!   


4. Economical & Budget Friendly

As these bags are made from recycled content, then cost approximately 30% less than our normal range of laminated woven bags. The more you order, the cheaper the unit price for each recycled bag is!  

And as these branded bags for life are so long-lasting you get more for your marketing budget as the bags will still be working their promotional magic years later!


Introducing Our New Range of Recycled Promotional Bags

We currently have nine new bag for life products in our range of woven recycled bags but as a supplier of custom-made promotional bags we can create these eco-friendly recycled promotional bags in any size or style. 

Customise with 100% full colour print coverage, individual colour of the bag handles and choose from 120-180gsm material thickness. Some of the new product details can be found below and there are links to the rest of our new products below.  


Shopping Bag for Life 


Retailers, brands, councils & companies of all sizes, love these reusable shopping bags and large tote bags.

Durable and strong, this Shopping Bag for Life is a practical promotional product that will be reused - getting your brand seen time and time again.
Bag Size: [H] 40cm x [W] 44.5cm x [D] 21cm
Minimum order: 5,000 units


Small Bag for Life made from Woven Recycled PP


Our Small Shopping Bag is laminated and made from Woven PP with 50-70% recycled plastic content.

Most commonly seen in supermarkets but our printed shopping bags are great for all types of retailers.

Bag Size: [H] 36cm x [W] 39cm x [D] 20cm

Minimum order: 5,000 units.


Thermo Bag for Life - Recycled Woven PP



Our branded Thermo Shopping Bag is made from recycled materials and is a great supermarket bag for carrying frozen and cold groceries home.

This cooler bag can be reused for catering, picnics, festivals and summer events.

Bag Size: [H] 42cm x [W] 37cm x [D] 18cm

Minimum order: 10,000 units



Below is a full listing of products in our range of recycled promotional bags. Click through to find out more about individual products.

Just click through for details and add the products to your shopping basket to get a personalised quote from us.  

Lead times for these products is 12-14 weeks via Sea delivery (and the most economical option) and 8 weeks via Express delivery. Make sure you plan ahead and leave enough time for your order! 

To view all promotional bags in our recycled range, click on the link below. 










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