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Pardon! this Case Study: Brand identity and driving sales

Pardon! is a French prêt-a-porter brand on Reunion Island,(a French oversea department in the Indian Ocean). The brand is famous locally for it’s original advertising campaigns and it’s use of irreverent humor in it’s graphics and advertising .

Pardon! this Case Study: Brand identity and driving sales The brand is an advocate of free speech and isn't frightened to criticize local institutions  and is regularly subject to outcry from these very institutions. This outspokenness has become part of their brand identity and they utilise this in their marketing strategies.

How reusable shopping bags create buzz and drive sales

Reusable shopping bags are an integral part of Pardon!’s marketing campaign. They are given away with each purchase and are highly recognizable in the street with their humoristic graphics (some of which lambast local institutions – hence the outcry!). The bags are so well-designed with their funny, controversial and colourful graphics that they have become a desirable item in themselves.

A new bag is launched every month.  This also makes them highly collectable and  encourages customers into the shops to make a purchase so that they can get the latest reusable shopping bag from Pardon! to add to their collection.

Visitors to the Reunion Islands will come across Pardon! reusable bags often: in the street, at the beach, at the gyms – teenage girls even take the bags to school. So much so that tourists also take it back as a souvenir!

So, not only do the bags help to generate sales and brand interest, they are also walking billboards and each customer acts as a brand ambassador for Pardon! by actively collecting and using their branded reusable shopping bags. Simple but effective!

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