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The Benefits of Planning 2019 Promotions Now

There are so many benefits to planning your Spring 2019 promotions well in advance. Make sure your business is focusing on marketing plans to get the New Year off to a flying start. If you order branded reusable bags for Spring 2019 now, you'll save up to a third on the cost!

The Benefits of Planning 2019 Promotions Now

Playing the 'long game' is always preferable when planning your brands marketing and promotions for Spring 2019. There are many benefits to looking ahead - saving money, time and stress being the major ones!

Another is staying informed so that you can make good business decisions - be aware of how your business is performing and how/where you plan to reach your target audience. 

If you aren't planning ahead, you're missing a trick! Whilst it's tempting to sit back and switch to holiday mode at this time of the year, it's worth making an effort to ensure your business is ready for Spring 2019 - otherwise you could already be a step behind your competitors as the New Year starts. 

Three Benefits to Planning Early

1. Save Money

You can save a substantial amount of money on delivery costs by ordering early. For example, did you know that if you want a bespoke branded bag for Spring 2019 you need to complete your order by mid January 2019 to get the lowest price? You can still order after this date but it will cost more for delivery as your order will have to travel by air instead of cheaper Sea delivery. 

By addressing your strategy for the whole year, you can also take advantage of economies of scale.  If you have a run of trade shows or events in the Summer/Autumn months, you may notice there is an opportunity to use the same promotional bags for a Autumn/Christmas campaign too. It is much cheaper to increase the number of units within one order, rather than make two separate smaller orders.  

2.  Staying Informed

What did you learn about your business in 2018? Collect data from everywhere! Check sales data and talk to your sales team and other staff for their insights. Ask your customers for feedback. Look at your website visitor statistics,  Adwords results and analyse Google search terms & phrases. 

Use all the data you have to hand, collate and evaluate then use it to make informed decisions for your 2019 planning. 

3. Save Stress

As suppliers of promotional bags, we often hear from people who have left orders to the last possible minute and/or haven't identified their requirements. This causes delays to finalising artwork and if everything is frantic, you may not get time to create the best design for your events or promotions. This could represent a missed opportunity to get your brand noticed if your competitor had the time to design a more desirable bag or create a more memorable promotion. 

It also leaves the worry that your order won't be delivered on time and you'll have to pay extra for delivery (see point 1 above).  No one likes working under unnecessary stress, but just by simply taking the time to think ahead many stresses can be avoided. 

This is just three ways in which you'll benefit from planning ahead and there are so many more! If you need help with planning, check out our two free guides: 

Free Guides

Download: Bag Your Brand and Create Brand Advocates    

Download: Guide to Event Marketing

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