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Our Top 3 Promotional Product Trends for 2017

A look at the Top 3 trends for promotional products in 2017. What do customers want (and need) from a successful promotional product.

Our Top 3 Promotional Product Trends for 2017

A New Year is upon us and we've been checking out the predicted trends for promotional products in 2017. Certain themes and trends came up time and again and help to give an insight into what customers really want from a promotional product. Here's what to watch out for in 2017. 

Trend 1 - Health & Wellness

This is an ongoing trend as people become increasingly aware of the importance of healthy body and mind. Promotional products like drinks bottles, sportswear, pedometers and sports bags are expected to be popular. 

Trend 2 - Environmental/Green Theme

Customers look favourably on eco-friendly products that are made from sustainable materials, are recycled (and recyclable) and cut down on the use of waste and resources. This ethos also applies to promotional products. It allows them to feel good about helping to save the planet and will also leave them with a positive view of your business and brand. 

Environmentally-friendly promo products include reusable bags made from natural fibres or from recycled plastic bottles, water bottles made from metal or recycled plastic and eco-clothing.

Trend 3 - High Value Gifts

A high value item doesn't always need to be expensive but it does need to be something that is of real use to the recipient, will stand the test of time and be reused regularly. This creates a good impression of your brand - you know what your customers need, care about them and give them what they need. Each time they re-use this item they recall your brand and their favourable impressions of it. 

High value items might include a beautifully-designed, branded goody bag filled with gifts that your customers will love, bottle of wine in a branded wine bag or engraved pens. 


Those are our Top 3 Trends - use them as a guideline to help you create a winning promotional marketing strategy and eye-catching products in 2017.


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