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Timing and Planning Your Promotional Bag Order

A summary of the production process so that you can plan each stage of your promotional bag order from design to delivery

Timing and Planning Your Promotional Bag Order

Custom-made promotional bags are a good choice for your business - they help to increase brand awareness and create customer loyalty. They can be used at events, in-store or sold to create revenue for charity or business.

The whole order process takes 6-10 weeks from design to delivery. It's worth the wait as choosing custom-made gives you a wider range of bag styles, colours, print techniques, eco-friendly materials and design features to choose from. There are quicker delivery options (i.e 7 day stock bags) but you'll be limited to more expensive natural fibre bags and have less print & design options.

Follow this handy guide to ensure the order process goes smoothly. And remember, designs and production samples must be submitted and signed off on time to allow for delivery within 6-10 weeks. 

Guide - Timing & Planning Process

Week 1: Research & Design

Before you start the process, think about the end result and what you want to achieve.

  • What is the purpose of the promotional bag and who is it for? 
  • What size and style work best? 
  • What marketing messages do you need to get across?  

There is lots to think about, so do your research and check out other bags for inspiration. Talk to your team and get their input on your marketing needs. Get your designer to start work so that you have a good idea what bag colour, print techniques, pantone colours and fonts you'll require. This will not only speed the process up but will also help you get more accurate quotes. 

Read our blogs on Design and download our Free Guide: Bag Your Brand for more detailed design tips. 


Week 2: Sample Creation & Approval

Once you have confirmed your order and finalised your design work, you'll be given a mock-up image of your promotional bag. If you have time, we'd highly recommend requesting a physical sample of the bag before it is sent to production.  Some people prefer to approve the bag just by looking at the image but if you can wait a week, the physical sample will be sent to you. You'll be able to see and feel the bag, check the design quality and test that it works for your promotion. It's important to sign off as promptly as possible to avoid delay. 

Week 3-5:  Physical Production

Each bag is hand cut from rolls of material and the printing plates created. The material is then printed and cut and then individually hand stitched into promotional bags before being carefully packed and shipped. The process can take 2-3 weeks.  

How is a Bag for Life Made?

Week 5-10: Shipping & Delivery

The most economical method of delivery is via SEA. All bags are made through our factory partner of 10 years in the Far East, taking an average of 10-12 weeks to ship and deliver (allowing for customs clearance etc). 

 If time is short, you can choose Express delivery where a combination of AIR and SEA is used to deliver your bags around 6 weeks earlier.

Don't forget to provide any special delivery instructions so your order is delivered to the right people/place. And make sure somebody is around to take the delivery when it arrives! 

This is a quick guide to the order process.  As mentioned further up this blog, you can also download our free Guide to Bag Your Brand and Create Brand Advocates. for more detailed tips and ideas.



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