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Bag Full of Surprises: Why a bespoke promotional bag can benefit your business

A bespoke promotional bag can benefit your business in many ways. How it will benefit your business will depend on what type of business you’re in, your product and the target market.

Bag Full of Surprises: Why a bespoke promotional bag can benefit your business A promotional bag is a flexible marketing tool that works for the retail sector, brands & branding companies, charities, councils, waste authorities, online businesses and service industries.
Think about your business goals. Are you looking for ways to boost your sales revenue and increase profit, create brand and customer loyalty, or to market and promote your business to a wider audience?

A promotional bag can help to achieve all of these goals. Here’s how:

5 ways to use a bespoke promotional bag to benefit your business

1. Offer a promotional bag as a customer gift

Everyone loves a freebie, so consider offering a free promotional bag to your customers. This works particularly well if you have a marketing goal in mind. For example, your business/brand may be celebrating a birthday you want to shout about and share with your customers.  Or you may be looking to increase brand awareness, so consider giving away free goody bags at consumer events or at point of purchase.  Read: How Reusable Bags Create Buzz and Drive Sales

Offering a free bag with purchase can also be used as a way to up-sell to customers. For example, you may offer a bag to any customer spending over say, £30. If their total spend is £25.99, they may well be willing to increase their spend to receive the ‘free’ gift. This is particuarly true if the promotional bag is well-designed and seen as a desirable item in it’s own right.

2. Sell them as a Bag for Life at point of sale

Many retailers have realised the potential for selling promotional bags to their customers.  Customer are willing to pay for a bag if the price is reasonable and the bag is well-designed and/or practical.

The most commonly sold Bag for Life is the large heavy-duty Supermarket bag or bags sold at discount retailers such as Sports Direct. It isn’t only the multiples and large Retailers that benefit from branded ecobags, it is a low cost marketing activity that independent retailers can also hugely benefit from.

3. Create a stand-alone range of design-led resuable bags

Other retailers (such as Superdrug, clothing stores and design boutiques) are adding reusable Bags for Life to their product offering. Tote Bags are popular for this purpose and the bags aren't necessarily branded or used for promotions.  These bags tend to be eye-catching with great designs, making them desirable to customers so that they can be sold at a profit to customers and therefore, creating an additional stream of revenue.

4. Use promotional bags to raise awareness of a cause

A promotional bag is a great marketing tool to raise awareness of a brand and/or a worthy cause. This approach can work really well for charities and can also be a way of raising additional revenue if your supporters are willing to pay for the bags.

We created a promotional shopping bag for the Sandpiper Trust. It’s helped to raise awareness of the Trust’s work and is now sold online as part of an on-going promotion.

5. Use a promotional bag to advertise your business and create brand advocates

Concerned that flyers, leaflets and adverts aren’t having much of an impact on your marketing efforts? A well-designed promotional bag can (and will!) be reused again and again. Each time it acts like a walking billboard, advertising your business as it goes. 

An added bonus of rewarding customers with a free promotional bag is that you will be adding to the customer experience and helping to create brand advocates. We know that word of mouth is an effective form of marketing, so keep your customers happy and in return they’ll help to promote your brand, shop or charity.

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