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Creating Bags of Benefit for Online Retailers & Brands with Promotional Shopping Bags

How Branded Promotional Shopping Bags can help online retailers to promote their business, improve customer relationships and boost sales.

Creating Bags of Benefit for Online Retailers & Brands with Promotional Shopping Bags

Are you an Online Reteailer looking for a way to advertise your online business off-line to help boost visits and traffic to your website?  Custom-printed promotional shopping bags are a great marketing & branding tool for online retailers and brands.

Used to promote your brand off-line - a well designed shopping bag will turn your customers into walking advertisements and brand advocates.  Read on to find out more...

Why Choose a Promotional Shopping Bag to Promote Online Retailers?

Because there's simply no better way to spread your brand messages and tell people about your business! Promotional bags provide a cost-effective way to generate brand impressions and get your business seen offline too.

According to the British Promotional Merchandise Association promotional products like shopping bags are up to 50% more effective than print, TV & online advertising or social media marketing at invoking greater customer loyalty and motivating a call to action.  

The usefulness and 'likeability' of a promotional product is a key factor to people wanting it and using it. A well-designed shopping bag is definately useful, as it avoids the need for single-use plastic bags and if it looks good, people will want to re-use it again and again. Each reuse reminds existing customers of your retail business and also create brand impressions and spreads the word to potential new customers.

Here are just some of the many benefits a branded bag has to offer online retailers:   

Three Ways Promotional Shopping Bags Benefit Online Retailers

1. Create an offline presence

Get your online retail shop noticed offline, nationally and locally by using reusable promotional bags to package & deliver online orders. The Food Gatherer is a food delivery service in Enfield, London and they use their branded shoppping bags to deliver to customers.

Customers keep hold of the shopping bag until their next delivery, so can use it for other shopping trips or outings. So along with helping the brand get noticed in the local community, the scheme also helps save on plastic packaging and single-use plastic bags. 

The Food Gatherer also use their promotional shopping bags at offline events, offering the bags as giveaways at local foodie events. Custom-printed shopping bags can also be used to decorate any display stand, helping to attract new people to your business and promote your brand. 

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Quontum Metallic Shopping Bags2. Boosts Customer Relationships

An added bonus of giving away promotional shopping bags is to enhance customer experience. Everyone loves a freebie and will remember the brand that gave them something useful, for free!

Fashion designer, Quontum include a free metallic shopping bag with each online order. They've created a beautiful bag that few people would want to throw away.  Customers are happy to receive such a wonderful gift and it increases the possibility of them returning in the future. Then each time a customer reuses it for a grocery shop, Quontum is receiving new brand impressions.

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3. Build your Mailing List

Giving away promotional shopping bags in exchange for an email address is a great way to enhance your mailing list. Take promotional bags to trade shows or consumer events to drum up interest and get interacting with potential new customers. Food Gatherer use this marketing strategy with great success.       

Promotional shopping bags can also be used as giveaways online to boost engagement and attract new people into your sales funnel.  Offer a free bag with purchase or as an incentive to get people to sign up online.

You could also offer a giveaway via your social media channels. Run a competition to giveaway free goodie bags or a selected product which can be packaged in your shopping bag. Think about what strategy works best for your audience and business needs. 

Operating online is no barrier to promoting your online brand in the high street. A bespoke shopping bag provides your customers with a tangible product that will tell them about your business, create loyal customers and keep on working long after the marketing budget has been spent! 












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