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The Benefits of Planning 2018 Promotions Now


There are so many benefits to planning your promotions well in advance. Before you go into holiday mode this Christmas, take the time to think forward to 2018 and get the New Year off to a flying start.

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How To Make Your Business Sustainable


Consumers are increasingly passionate about looking after our environment and choosing to use businesses that have sustainable, eco-friendly credentials. Find out exactly what a sustainable business is and the steps you can take to achieve sustainability...

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Promotional Products Make Your Brand Stronger


Promotional Products will reach more of your potential target market than a traditional advertising campaign. They also have a longer life, so could still be spreading your marketing messages a year after the campaign! Find out why and how promo products will help boost your brand...

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Look Good and Feel Good this Recycle Week


It's Recycle Week! Most household recycle from the kitchen, but many of us are forgetting about the bathroom. Aerosols & glass perfume bottle can also be recycled - check out our recycling stats and tips...

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A Lot a Bottle! - Recycling Plastic Bottles


UK households only recycle half of the plastic bottles we use. Recycling just one more plastic bottle a week can make a huge difference to the environment. Look around your home to see what other bottles you can recycle...

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Tesco Swap Sales of Single-Use Bags for Reusable Bags for Life


Tesco are stopping sales of 5p single-use carrier bags and switching to Bags for Life. What are the marketing benefits of a branded Bag for Life?

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Balenciaga pays homage to IKEA's Frakta Bag


Why would a high-end fashion brand copy a low-end product? Read on to find out what sort of branding & marketing opportunities it presents....

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3 Ways To Get Your Brand Seen This Summer


Get some inspiration for your Summer promotions using a branded Bag for Life. Get your brand out into the great outdoors!

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Why Use Goody Bags for Charity Events?


Goody bags are a practical promotional tool for charities. Check out these 4 reasons why charities use goody bags for their fundraising events, along with real-life case studies from operating charities.

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Create a Stunning Promotional Bag in Just 7 Days!


Short on time but need a great promotional product? Try a stock bag printed with your company logo and delivered within 7-10 days.

Get the low-down on our print-on stock bags here....

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