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Our range of Reusable Shopping Bags & Tote Style bags is popular with retailers, food delivery services and supermarkets. Now a common sight on the High Street since the introduction of the plastic bag charge, reusable shopping bags allow you to provide customers with a practical promotional product that they can use, which will promote your brand every time they use it.

All of our reusable bags are custom-printed to order with your bespoke design requirements. Bag your brand in style with 100% CMYK print coverage. We can make shopping totes in any size, so if you don't see the exact style you need just let us know your bespoke requirements by clicking on the Quick Enquiry tab

Laminated for extra shine - also makes bags waterproof and easy to wipe clean. Design features like pockets, poppers, zippers and swing tags also available.

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Woven Shopping Bags - Material & Price Guide

Wholesale orders of 5,000 shopping bags, are made in sustainable recycled Laminated Woven PP, which is manufactured from 70% recycled rice sacks. If you're looking to reduce waste and make your business more sustainable, our eco-friendly shopping bags are a great choice.

Please note: Orders of 1,000 - 4,9999 units are made from standard LWPP.

The minimum wholesale order is 1000 bags. Prices start at approximately £1.90 per bag.

5000 pcs of Recycled LWPP start at £1.20 per bag (guide price only pending size/print requirements). We upgrade all LWPP orders of 5,000 to our 70% recycled material at no extra cost.

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