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Choosing a custom reusable bag style that suits both your customers and your campaign needs is key. That's why we supply a wide range of bag styles so that we can create the perfect bespoke bag for your business. All bags are custom-made to order with 100% print coverage, CMYK full-colour printing and a whole range of accessories to choose from. Bag Your Brand in style with Smartbags.

Whether you need a tote bag, a heavy-duty bag for life, or a shopper bag of any size or shape (including foldable), we can supply it. Reusable bags aren't just for retailers - we also supply recycling bags to local authorities, and totes for events, conferences and exhibitions. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of each bag style so that you can choose the right one for your next event or campaign.


Smartbags Category - Branded Tote Bags


Branded Tote Bags

Learn about the benefits of Tote Bags

  • We can supply Tote Bags in any size, shape or colour

  • Available in several materials including Non-Woven PP, Woven PP, Recycled Fabrics and natural fibres.

  • MOQ of 250, 1000 or 5000 pieces, dependent on fabric chosen

  • We specialise in bespoke reusable tote bags, but can also supply stock bags in just 7-10 days

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Smartbags Category - IKEA & Heavy Duty-Style Bags


IKEA & Heavy Duty-Style Bags

  • Large, heavy-duty reusable bags that are waterproof and super-strong for carrying heavy and bulky goods up to 20kg

  • Heavy-duty bags are made from eco-friendly 70% recycled LWPP*, which is made from 70% old rice sacks.

  • The perfect canvas for full-colour CMYK photographic branding. 100% print coverage on all bag sides.

  • Available in 120 gsm, 140 gsm and 150 gsm thickness for extra durability

  • (*For wholesale orders of 5,000 bags. Orders for 1,000 - 4,999 pcs to be supplied in standard LWPP)

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Smartbags Category - Shopping Bags for Life


Shopping Bags for Life

  • Popular with retailers, supermarkets, garden centres, and any business looking for a strong, sturdy reusable bag for bulky items like food deliveries. Waterproof and durable.

  • Large bag canvas with 100% full-colour digital printing - laminate available in a matt or gloss finish.

  • Available in standard Laminated Woven PP, (orders 1,000 - 4,999) or 70% Recycled LWPP for orders of 5,000 units plus

  • For larger wholesale orders of 10,000 plus try our Heat-Sealed NWPP range. The bags are heat-bonded rather than hand-stitched to save on labour costs, making them up to 30-40% more economical.

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Smartbags Category - Shopping & Tote Style Bags


Shopping & Tote Style Bags

  • Shopping & large totes are popular with retailers, food delivery services and supermarkets. Laminated shopping bags are easy to wipe clean, and are strong and durable.

  • Print full colour or singular colour design with 100% coverage all ALL bag sides with either a shiny gloss or laminated finish. Ideal for complex CMYK designs with the additional option to laminate Woven PP Bags internally too.

  • Wholesale orders of 5,000 shopping bags are made in sustainable recycled Laminated Woven PP, which is manufactured from 70% recycled rice sacks. Orders 1,000-4,999 units made from standard LWPP

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Smartbags Category - Foldable & Pouch Bags


Foldable & Pouch Bags

  • Foldable reusable bags that can be carried around in a pocket or handbag

  • Available in a range of materials including Non-woven PP, rPET, Nylon and Cotton

  • Choose from vest style, pouches or a strawberry style pouch

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Smartbags Category - Recycling & Waste Management Bags


Recycling & Waste Management Bags

Wholesale orders of 5,000 pcs made from our 70% Recycled LWPP. Lower quantity orders made from standard LWPP - minimum order 1,000 bags.

  • Reusable, easy to store, waterproof & super strong, making it easier to recycle daily. A space-saving alternative to full-size recycling bins

  • Made from Laminated Woven PP which contains 70% recycled rice sacks*

  • We create custom-printed bags with full-colour CMYK 100% print coverage, as well as design extras like an inner divider, Velcro flap, ID pouch & extra internal lamination

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Smartbags Category - Custom Cake Bags


Custom Cake Bags

The Benefits of Cake Bags

  • Carry cakes and baked goods with ease in these strong, sturdy cake bags

  • Made from Non-woven PP, a reusable and economical fabric

  • Hygienic and easy to wipe clearn

  • MOQ 500 units

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Smartbags Category - Wine & Beer Bottle Bags


Wine & Beer Bottle Bags

The Benefits of Wine & Beer Bottle Bags

  • Our bottle bags are made from Non-woven PP, a strong, durable fabric

  • Can be made to fit any size bottle with our bespoke service

  • MOQ 1,000 units

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Smartbags Category - Recycled Eco Bags - 70% & 100%


Recycled Eco Bags - 70% & 100%

  • Sustainable eco bags made from either 100% recycled plastic bottles or 70% old rice sacks

  • Make great reusable shopping bags in various styles

  • MOQ of 3,000 units for 100% recycled / 5,000 units for 70% recycled

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Smartbags Category - Thermo & Cooler Bags


Thermo & Cooler Bags

  • Cooler and thermo bags are ideal for food retailers, food delivery services and any other business where goods need to be delivered hot or kept cool.

  • Waterproof, super strong & ideal for full colour photographic branding. Print on all bag sides if required in shiny gloss or matte finish.

  • Made from recycled material created from 70% recycled rice sacks. Eco-friendly and sustainable.

  • Minimum order 10,000 units

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