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Printed Promotional Bags are the ideal branded giveaway for the Summer months. Read about our Top 3 most popular reusable bag styles for Summer. Celebrate the end of lockdown in style!

Top 3 Promotional Bag Styles for Summer Promotions & Giveaways

Are you looking for a creative way to promote your brand this Summer? A printed promotional bag provides a great canvas for your marketing messages with a larger print area than other promotional products such as pens, mugs, chocolate bars etc.

Choose a reusable bag and your business branding and logo will be noticed by many more people. People are out and about more in the Summer months meaning a well-designed reusable bag turns your customers into walking advertisement, promoting your brand every time they reuse the bag outdoors.

Think about your Target Market

To make the most impact, think about which type of reusable bag would best suit your target market and marketing goals. The more they like it, the more chance they will reuse it regularly and promote your brand name. So think about their needs as you design the printed bag:

  • Where will they be using the printed bags? Are they for trade customers, shows, local shoppers or something else? Provide a bag that's practical for the purpose.
  • What will they be doing with the bag? Are you creating it for shopping, as a goody bag or for another practical use at outdoor events? The final use will determine the bag style required.
  • What promotion are you creating for bags for? Can be used for social media campaigns, retail campaigns, charity fundraising and awareness, or to generally increase brand awareness with your target audience at a trade show or consumer event?

To help you choose, we've selected three of our most favourite bags for Summer:

Top 3 Promotional Bags for Summer

1. Promotional Tote Bag

The Reusable Tote Bag is a classic and our most popular promotional bag style. The Tote bag is a great choice for summer events, used as a giveaway to promote your brand. Give them away at food events, garden shows, sporting events or children's fun days and community events.

Everyone loves a freebie and people will flock to get a well-designed reusable bag for themselves. Make them more desirable by filling them with goodies that fit your Summer theme. Fill them with product samples, or summer items such as caps, foldable frisbees and a handheld fan.

Non-Woven PP Tote Bags

Tote Bags are available in a range of fabrics - we specialise in Non-woven PP and Recycled materials. Non-woven PP is economical, long-lasting and easy to clean. With a lower carbon footprint than many natural fibres, non-woven PP is a sustainable choice and is 100% recyclable after use. Browse Non-woven PP Tote Bags

Recycled Tote Bags

Our Recycled Tote Bags are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles or 70% recycled rice sacks. s a great eco-friendly material. It's made from recycled plastic (and is fully recyclable) but feels soft like a piece of fabric.

2. Printed Bag for Life

The Bag for Life has seen a huge increase in use, especially since the introduction of the bag charge in the United Kingdom. These heavy-duty bags are strong and are laminated for extra durability and to make them easy to wipe clean. Perfect for carrying picnics, camping gear, festival supplies, sporting equipment and other Summer essentials.

Bags for life are commonly used by supermarkets for carrying bulky shopping home but they are also used by other retailers like garden centres, DIY shops and selling heavier, bulky goods.

These are a great choice for Summer events where bulky items are sold. Give them away with purchase and let the recipient spread your brand message as they transport goods home and reuse the bag in the future.

They can also be used on your event or stand, to beef up your branding. Use your branded Bag for Life to transport the equipment for your stand and use it to store essentials like marketing materials.

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3. Strawberry Foldable Shopping Bag

Foldable shopping bags fold down into a small strawberry-shaped pouch making them easy to pop in a handbag or pocket until they're needed. They may look small but don't be deceived. They expand when filled and are strong enough to carry shopping home. They are also great for a day in the park. Use it for essentials like a book, bottle of water, small picnic and towel.

These bags are popular with all types of retailers as they can be sold at the point of purchase to carry shopping home. They also make a great giveaway for eco-friendly brands, local environment awareness initiatives and FMCG's.

Foldable Bags are available in both Nylon and rPET - the material made from recycled plastic bottles. Nylon is more economical, whilst rPET is most eco-friendly.

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Ideas By Industry

Turn your customers into walking advertisements with low cost, custom made reusable bags! Read practical examples & case studies by industry to help you create a 'Bag for Life' that will promote your business

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Turn your customers into walking advertisements with low cost, custom made reusable bags! Read on for practical examples & case studies to help you create a 'Bag for Life' that will promote your business.

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