Benefits of using Promotional Bags for FMCG & Brands

FMCG & Brands

Promotional Bags can be used in many ways to attract attention to your business and create brand advocates. We have worked with many well known brands to create the perfect printed bag. Don't just leave it to the supermarkets & retailers - boost your brand's profile with a reusable bag.

Using Printed Promotional Bags to Promote FMCGs & Brands

There are many ways for FMCG brands to use Printed Promotional Bags to promote their brand and boost their profile. There are also opportunities for joint promotions with retailers and charities.

  • Experiential Marketing: Bring your brand to life by creating opportunities for customers to experience it, up close and personal. Whether your brand is offering free samples, taste tests or attending an event, reusable bags can be used as goodie bags to help consumers remember your brand after the event.
  • Attract Attention: Stand out from the crowd by creating a branded Bag for Life that can be used for supermarket shopping, days out and other purposes. Can be printed as part of a joint promotion with supermarkets, retailers or charities.
  • Give as a Competition Prize or Loyalty Reward: Branded reusable bags are a low-cost promotional product and are also easy to distribute. Give them away to loyal customers or offer them as a prize on social media campaign or in-store.
  • A Blank Canvas for Marketing Messages: Promotional Bags provide a larger print area for branding and marketing messages than other popular promotional items such as pens, mugs or calendars. Reusable bags make a big impact. so get your brand noticed on the High Street every time the bag is reused for shopping, school and days out.
  • Create Brand Advocates: Most households keep a stash of reusable bags, ready for trips to the supermarket or local high stores. Create a well-designed bag that looks great, and serves a practical purpose, to ensure it is used again and again. Turn the owners into walking adverts and create brand advocates.

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Using Printed Promotional Bags to Promote FMCGs & Brands

Why work with Smartbags

In today's crowded FMCG market, brand identity is everything. You need packaging that reflects your values, resonates with your audience, and drives sales. That's where Smartbags comes in.

Experience matters: We've spent over 15 years crafting reusable bags for all types of brand names. Our team understands the unique challenges of creating effective promo bags that are both eye-catching and functional, built to last and kind to the planet.

We offer an unrivalled range of reusable bag materials, printing options, and design features, allowing you to create eye-catching bags for effective marketing campaigns.

Split delivery for speed: Our standard economy lead time is 10-12 weeks. However, we understand the need for speed and flexibility, so we offer split delivery. Get up 20% of your order air-shipped within weeks, ensuring you have bags on hand for crucial campaigns, while the rest of your order arrives by sea for cost-effective production.

Proven success stories: See for yourself! Our case studies page showcases the brands we've partnered with and their glowing testimonials. Be inspired by how we've helped others elevate their brand image with stunning, custom bags.

    Remember: We're more than just a supplier; we're your trusted partner. We're passionate about helping brands like yours stand out from the crowd, and we're confident that our expertise, flexibility, and commitment to quality will make all the difference.

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