Here at Smartbags, we're specialists in Reusable Bags made from Non-woven PP (NWPP) - an eco-friendly, versatile fabric that provides an economical alternative to natural fibres. NWPP is used to create Smartbags custom-printed Bags for Life and Promotional Tote Bags. Learn more about the benefits of this versatile fabric and why it's a great choice for our reusable bags.

Reusable Bag For Life Fabric Explained: Non-Woven Polypropylene (NWPP)

What is Non-Woven Polypropylene (NWPP)?

NWPP is a plastic fabric made by taking thermoplastic polymers and spinning them into threads of a material that are bonded together with heat. This creates an NWPP material that is soft to the ouch and doesn't feel like plastic at all.

Reusable Bags made from Non-Woven PP are extremely strong and durable - it's the material of choice for a range of bag styles including reusable Tote bags. Like natural fibre, NWPP can be washed to keep bags hygienic and clean. Reusable bags made from Non-woven PP are an economical, sustainable alternative to natural fibre bags made from cotton, jute or canvas, so keep reading to learn more about this versatile fabric.

Is Non-Woven PP an Eco-Friendly Fabric?

We don't tend to think of plastics as being eco-friendly, but our perception doesn't always match reality. There are several reasons why our Non-woven PP Bags for Life are a sustainable choice for any business:

  • NWPP is 100% recyclable after use*. Once melted down, it can be recycled into a host of products - including a new reusable bag! (Learn more about how a Bag for Life is made)
  • It decreases the amount of waste created from single-use plastic as each time a promotional bag is reused, it removes the need to use a plastic carrier bag.
  • The production of NWPP uses less water than the production of cotton, which uses huge amounts of water.
  • Doesn't generate toxic gases when burnt, unlike PVC plastics. It also generates less waste in production, has a lower carbon footprint and transmits less emissions than other plastics.

Ask your local council or supermarket about recycling facilities for Bags for Life. Many supermarkets allow you to swap an old Bag for Life for a new one, so look out for policy in your local supermarket.

Unwanted Bags for Life can also be donated to your local food bank, as they're often in need of them to help with deliveries.

(*Please note: Laminated NWPP styles cannot be recycled).

What Reusable Bag Styles can be made using NWPP?

Non-woven PP is the perfect material for all types of reusable bag styles. Including:

Features of Reusable Bags Made from Non-Woven PP

Reusable NWPP bags make an economical alternative to natural fibre bags made from cotton, canvas or jute.

Why choose NWPP Promotional Bags over Natural Fibre Bags?

  • 100% reusable and recyclable
  • Water-resistant so contents stay dry on a rainy day
  • Machine washable and hygienic
  • Bag base colour can be Pantone matched to your branding needs
  • Easy to print on - 100% full-colour coverage available
  • More economical than natural fibres, so ideal for businesses on a tighter budget
  • Available in a number of thicknesses (80gms, 100gms, 120gms)
  • Can be used for any bag style, size, shape or design.

Design Features Available for Reusable Bags

A number of eye-catching design features can be incorporated into a reusable bag made from NWPP. These include:

  • Rope handles
  • Metal eyelets
  • Name cardholders
  • Popper fastener
  • Velcro tabs
  • Zips
  • Hard bases
  • Pockets

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Recommended Print Techniques for a Non-woven PP Bag


Non-woven PP is a great fabric to print on. With 100% print coverage and a high-quality design, an NWPP bag will get your marketing messages across clearly.

Use Silkscreen printing to reproduce intricate artwork in either single block colour or subtle colour gradients. If you would like to use photographic CMYK artwork, then OPP lamination is recommended. Take a tour of our silk-screen printing factory.

Download an Info Sheet on Print Techniques

As you can see, there are many reasons to choose NWPP fabric for your next promotional bag order. It's versatile, long-lasting and economical. Not only that, but it provides a great canvas for printing bold, eye-catching designs and images.

Keep on scrolling for links to our NWPP bag range and information sheets. And if you have any questions about NWPP fabric, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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