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Reusable Promotional Bags made from Non-woven PP are a cost-effective & recyclable alternative to single-use plastic carriers. With a lower carbon footprint than natural fibre bags, NWPP fabric is a sustainable choice for your promotional campaigns. We offer competitive wholesale prices - the bigger the order, the cheaper the unit cost per promotional bag.

Brilliantly versatile, we're specialists in bespoke reusable bags printed with your business logo and branding. We can create custom non-woven PP bags in any size or shape, with 100% screen-print coverage on ALL bag sides possible.

Non-woven Reusable Bag Styles

NWPP can be used to create a wide range of reusable, promotional bag styles. Non-woven Tote Bags are the most popular and multi-purpose NWPP style, but we can also create custom-made;

  • Non-woven Heavy-Duty Bags
  • Foldable Bags
  • Wine & Beer Bottle Bag

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The Benefits of Non-Woven PP Materials

    • Sustainable low-cost fabric - an economical choice for your reusable promotional tote bag order.
    • Non-woven bags can be made to order in any size or bag style
    • Made from polypropylene - non-toxic, 100% reusable, recyclable and water resistant.
    • Looks and feels like a textile fabric but uses fewer natural resources and less energy to produce than Cotton, Canvas, Jute and Paper bags.
    • When burnt does not generate toxic gases, unlike PVC plastics. Also reduces the need for single-use plastic bags.
    • Generates less waste in production, has a lower carbon footprint and transmits the lowest emissions compared to other plastics.
    • Minimum order is only 1,000 units. Significantly lower wholesale prices are available for larger quantities ordered.
    • For orders of 10,000 units +, we recommend our Heat-Sealed Non-Woven Range.

    For more NWPP benefits, read Bag For Life Fabric Explained: Non-Woven PP

    NWPP Base Colours

    Non-woven PP is a soft 100% reusable & recyclable fabric that's great for printing on.

    Available in up to 30 different vibrant and subtle base colours. We can pantone match exact requirements for larger orders.

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