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Learn more about the reusable materials Smartbags are made from. We supply a wide range of custom reusable bags, specialising in Laminated Woven PP, Non-woven PP & rPET fabrics. With over 15 years of wholesale experience, our mission is to help businesses to reduce waste in their marketing campaigns, and reusable bags are the ideal promotional product to encourage eco friendly sustainable practices.

The choice of reusable bag material depends on several factors - marketing budget, final use/purpose of chosen bag style/fabric and the print/branding requirements. Also, campaign objectives, sustainability goals and lead time for when you require the bags, all come into play. If you're seeking to build a more sustainable business we also offer additional recycled material options. Delve in and find the ideal reusable bag material and style that suits you and ticks the right boxes for your brand.


Smartbags Category - Non-woven PP Reusable Bags


Non-woven PP Reusable Bags

  • Perfect to multi-screen print on all bag sides with 100% print coverage possible.

  • Water-resistant NWPP bags cost less than natural fibre/paper bags - generate less waste with lower carbon footprint, and 100% recyclable.

  • Versatile, soft-feel & colourful fabric supplied in many custom reusable bag styles with low wholesale prices

  • Minimum order only 500 bags @£1.30 per bag. 5,000pcs @55p per bag (price is a guide only pending size/print requirements)

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Smartbags Category - Laminated Woven PP


Laminated Woven PP

  • Waterproof & easy to clean with tough exterior for heavy-duty reuse and strong Webbing PP handles

  • 100% print coverage for CMYK branding - popular Shopping, Recycling, IKEA and Laundry style bags

  • Made in any bag style with optional add-on features including Zippers and Velcro Flaps. Can also be made in 70% recycled laminate fabric.

  • Minimum order 1000 bags @£1.90 per bag. 5000 pcs of Recycled LWPP @£1.20 per bag (guide price only pending size/print requirements). We upgrade all LWPP orders of 5,000 to our 70% recycled material.

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Smartbags Category - Laminated Non-Woven PP


Laminated Non-Woven PP

  • Waterproof & easy to clean with a softer feel than laminated Woven PP bags.

  • 100% print coverage - ideal for full-colour photographic CMYK branding

  • Used generally as Tote Bags for boutiques & retail stores

  • Minimum orders 1000 bags @£1.80 per bag. 5,000 pcs @£1.10 per bag (price guide only pending size/print requirements).

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Smartbags Category - Heat Sealed Non-Woven PP


Heat Sealed Non-Woven PP

  • Bonded by heat instead of being hand-stitched (which saves on labour costs). Super quick in production

  • Costs up to 30-40% less than standard Non-woven PP. Economical choice for larger wholesale orders

  • 100% recyclable with screen printing on all bag sides. Popular for events, retail and food delivery.

  • Minimum order 10,000 bags @ 35p per bag (price guide only pending size/printing).

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Smartbags Category - Nylon



  • Low-cost fabric suitable for customers with a limited budget or lower quantity required

  • More durable than cotton with a smooth, non-rip finish

  • Different sizes/colours available. Commonly used as foldable pouch tote bags

  • Minimum order 500 units

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Smartbags Category - Heat-Sealed Laminated Non-Woven PP


Heat-Sealed Laminated Non-Woven PP

  • Our most economical laminated bag range for large, wholesale orders (10k units +)

  • Costs up to 30-40% less than standard laminated bags as bags are finished by machine bonding, rather than stitched by hand.

  • The perfect canvas for full-colour CMYK photographic printing

  • Only available in a small tote bag style

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Smartbags Category - 100% Recycled PET


100% Recycled PET

  • Eco-friendly recycled material made from 100% recycled plastic bottles & recyclable after use.

  • Recycled materials are ideal for sustainable business and marketing campaigns

  • rPET bags available in any style - perfect as foldable shopping bags.

  • Min. order 3,000 units.

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Smartbags Category - Natural Fibre - Cotton


Natural Fibre - Cotton

  • 5oz Cotton Shoppers overprinted bags in the UK

  • Short lead time of just 7 days / limited print coverage

  • Cotton bags are 100% biodegradable

  • Minimum order 250 units

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Smartbags Category - Natural Fibre - Canvas & Jute


Natural Fibre - Canvas & Jute

  • Print-on stock bags made from natural canvas or jute - printed and delivered in just 7 days (limited print coverage)

  • Natural fibre bags are strong, durable and hard-wearing

  • 100% biodegradable and compostable after use

  • Minimum order of 250 units

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