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Printed Recycling Bags are popular with Councils, Waste Authorities and Universities as cost-effective alternatives to recycling bins. Reusable, easy to store/wash, waterproof & super strong. These eye-catching bags are the perfect solution making it easier for residents to recycle. Read our article on Printed Reusable Recycling Bags

High-quality Recycling Bags from Smartbags are used to communicate with residents & students with custom-printed key messages regarding their local recycling services. Smartbags supply bespoke reusable bags in ANY colour with photographic CMYK printing capability on all bag sides with your business logo and full-colour branding. coverage.

Optional features include gloss or matte finish, Velcro flap, inner divider, ID pouch, internal lamination and more. Watch our Video with Design Tips for Woven PP Laminated Bags

Recycling Bag Materials

Made from Laminated Woven PP - 100% reusable & sustainable with a lower carbon footprint than other reusable bag materials. Custom-made to order in any size/capacity to suit all recycling needs - for example, low-rise flats with external communal recycling bins, halls of residence or on-street recycling collection.

Go Even Greener on Large Wholesale Orders

The minimum order is 1000 Recycling Bags is 1,000 units made from standard Laminated Woven PP. For larger wholesale orders of 5000pcs(+), Smartbags supply bags made from 70% recycled material at an even lower wholesale unit price.

Price Estimate (pending capacity/quantity/branding etc)

  • 1,000 bags (delivered) - around £1.80 per bag
  • 2500pcs - £1.50 per bag
  • 5,000pcs around £1.00 per bag (70% recycled fabric).
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