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Bags for Life are popular with retailers, supermarkets, garden centres and any business looking for a strong, sturdy reusable bag for bulky items like food deliveries. Laminated for extra shine and to keep bags waterproof and easy to wipe clean, meaning they can be reused again and again.

Our Bags for Life provide a large canvas for printing your business logo and branding. Choose 100% full digital colour printing and Bag Your Brand. Laminate is available in either a matt or gloss finish.

As specialist wholesale suppliers of custom-printed bags - if you can't find the exact bag you require, please get in touch with your bespoke requirements.

Reusable Bag for Life Materials

Laminated Bags for Life are available in different materials:

1. Laminated Woven PP - the most popular material for heavy-duty shopping bags seen on the High Street. Min. order of 1000 units

2. 70% Recycled Laminated Woven - take the sustainable option with woven PP made from 70% old rice sacks. MOQ of 5000 units. We can even help you go green at no extra cost - for all orders of 5,000 plus units of LWPP, we'll upgrade to the recycled version, free of charge!

3. Laminated Non-woven PP - NWPP is a single sheet of PP, whereas WPP has been 'woven' together to give a textured appearance. It also creates a stronger bond in the fabric. MOQ - 1000 units

4. Heat-Sealed Laminate Non-Woven PP - the more economical option for orders of 10,000 units plus. These bags are heat-bonded, rather than hand-stitched. The bags still have a great finish but are 30-40% cheaper than our standard NW range.

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Reusable Bag - Delivery Lead Times

As our reusable bags are custom-made to order, please allow 10-12 weeks for the most economical delivery via sea. For shorter lead times, we can offer split delivery and send 10-20% of your order via air express delivery in around 4 weeks, whilst the remainder will be delivered via economy sea delivery.

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