Benefits of using Promotional Bags for Councils & Waste Authorities

Councils & Waste Authorities

Reusable Recycling Bags contribute to improved recycling rates for councils & waste authorities. Print key recycling information to educate residents & raise awareness of recycling initiatives in your local authority. Also popular with universities at halls of residence to encourage students to recycle.

Using Recycling Bags & Shopping Bags to Promote Recycling Initiatives and Improve Recycling Rates

Printed Recycling Bags are popular with local authorities as they're cheaper and easier to store than large recycling bins. They also encourage local residents to recycle more and educate them about local services. Bags for Life are also popular with councils promoting local services like libraries and local groups. They're also used as shopping bags for Shop Local initiatives and campaigns to promote the High Street.

  • Practical Design Features: Printed Recycling Bags make it easier (and more pleasant) for households to recycle. Bags with tipping handles and Velcro lids are perfect recycling waste containers. Weighted recycling bags can be used for kerbside collection with less risk of flying away. All of our recycling bags are waterproof and durable. Easy to wipe clean from spills. Choose custom design features such as a printed panel for each household to write their house number on. Also popular with Universities, corporate recycling schemes and private housing developments.
  • Education & Awareness: Printed recycling bags have a large space to print useful recycling information and can be used to promote educational programmes for schools, residents and the local business community. Choose a Promotional Bag for Life for joint campaigns with local retailers to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags and promote shopping local.

  • A Practical, Green Giveaway: Local authorities can promote their initiatives and at the same time generate goodwill by giving away their branded eco-bags at fairs, green days and other sponsored events. Can also raise funds by selling them at the local library or by stall holders at food markets to carry books and shopping home in.

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Using Recycling Bags & Shopping Bags to Promote Recycling Initiatives and Improve Recycling Rates

What our customers say

"Smartbags made what was quite an in-depth process simple and straight-forward.They also ensured that I was completely satisfied at every stage. I can only describe the Shopper Bags as brilliant. The value that we have got from them has been great. There aren't many marketing tools that would have achieved all our objectives better and for such a reasonable cost."

Lisa Cross, Essex County Council

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