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Benefits of using Promotional Bags for Retail, Fashion & High Street

Retail, Fashion & High Street

Tturn customers into walking adverts that promote your retail brand. Clicks for hints, tips & inspiration that helps retailers to Bag Your Brand.

Benefits of Printed Shopping Bags for Retail, Fashion & High Street Brands

Reusable promotional bags help to raise brand awareness and turn your customers into walking brand ambassadors, whether you run a 'bricks & mortar' store or are an online retailer. There are many benefits to using printed bags in marketing campaigns whether used as a giveaway with purchases or sold at Point of Sale

  • Create Brand Advocates: Giveaway a beautiful branded bag with purchase and reward your loyal customers with a practical gift. Your brand will enjoy continued free exposure each time it's reused.
  • Generate Extra Revenue: Sell printed bags at point of sale to reduce use of single-use plastic. Charge the bags at cost to encourage sales and promote your brand for free! Some fashion & general retailers have created printed bags to add to their stock range. Create beautiful designs so are purchased as a fashion item in their own right.

Shopping Bags can also be created in conjunction with a retailers chosen charity to help raise funds and awareness.

  • Effective Advertising: A well-designed, high quality shopping bag will last for years and can be reused again and again. A cost effective way to promote any retail brand.
  • Practical - Use for Deliveries: Printed Bags serves a practical purpose and help shoppers to carry their goods home. A strong heavy duty bag can also be used for delivering groceries and bulky goods, instead of boxes and crates. Online retailers can use a bag as a form of packaging to deliver products, and when it's reused it will help to promote your brand offline. It also provide a tangible representation of your online brand.
  • Sustainable & Eco-Friendly: Reusable bags are strong, durable and long-lasting. We stock a range of Recycled Bags and all bags are 100% recyclable (with the exception of Laminated Bag), so you can be confident that your business promotions are as sustainable as can be.

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Benefits of Printed Shopping Bags for Retail, Fashion & High Street Brands

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