How Printed Laundry Bags Boost Customer Satisfaction and Brand Promotion for Metro Laundry

How Printed Laundry Bags Boost Customer Satisfaction and Brand Promotion for Metro Laundry

Metro Laundrette and Dry Cleaners is a local laundry business in Mill Hill, London. They asked Smartbags to create a branded heavy-duty laundry bag so they could help to make life easier for their most valued customers and generate extra revenue, all while promoting their business locally at the same time.

As a local laundry business, they have a lot of regular customers and noticed many were bringing their clothes into the shop in a black bin bag or a series of supermarket plastic carrier bags. A lot of them had difficulty carrying the multiple bags and in preparation for visiting Metro, often end up searching through their draws and cupboards at home, the day before, to find a suitable bag.

Elevating Customer Satisfaction with a Custom Laundry Bag

So, they decided to source and create their own branded, strong, reliable, re-useable laundry bag which customers could dedicate to their weekly/daily laundry run. They then decided to use the bag in two ways - firstly, as a complimentary gift to their most loyal, regular & valuable existing customers to save them from searching for plastic bags before their weekly visits. This practical gift has gone down a treat and is really appreciated by customers. They consider it a nice touch as Metro is actively thinking about how it can make life easier for it's customers - all of which helps to retain them as customers and build brand loyalty.

Generate Extra Revenue at POS

They also sold the bag in-store a both their branches as an add-on that could be purchased separately by less regular customers. They launched an instore special offer of a free laundry bag when customers spend £30 or more on any single service.

To promote more sales of the bag, they are in the process of updating their website and creating an “accessories” section which will include our branded laundry bag for sale. They are also promoting it via their social media channels (see their Facebook post below)

(For more inspiration on using printed bags in social media campaigns, read "Branded Cake Bags Take Centre Stage in Social Media Campaign")

How is Metro Laundry Improving Sustainability in its Business?

  • Choosing to create a reusable laundry bag has reduced their customer's need to bring single-use plastic carrier bags when they visit the shop.
  • Metro has installed 3 electric dryers in their shop, which are more eco-friendly than traditional gas dryers. They're highlighting the green credentials of using these dryers to customers to help educate and inform them.
  • They've also switched from Gas boilers to Electric and going forward the plan will be to have an electric van/cars for their delivery & collection service.

More about Metro Laundry

Well established, local laundry business, which provides a variety of essential services to the North West London community. Provides a high level of customer service at reasonable prices and pleased to have many returning regular customers, our reviews on google say a lot about us! Visit their website at https://metrolaundry.co.uk/

Jumbo Chinese Laundry Bags

How Printed Laundry Bags Boost Customer Satisfaction and Brand Promotion for Metro Laundry

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All orders of 5k + bags are made from laminated woven PP material made from 70% recycled rice sacks - making these reusable laundry bags even more sustainable.

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Gitesh Patel, Managing Director
Metro Laundry

Product Information

Laundry Bags are made from strong, durable laminated fabric and custom printed with your logo and branding.

  • Product: Classic IKEA Style Bag
  • Style: Laundry Bags are made from strong, durable laminated fabric and custom printed with your logo and branding.
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