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Summer is the perfect time to build brand awareness as we start getting back out and about in the great outdoors. Bag Your Brand and share your marketing message far and wide!

Increase Brand Awareness - Bag Your Brand for Summer

Looking for inspiration on how to increase brand awareness for your business? Summer is a great time for brand campaigns and consumers will associate your brand with the good feelings the season generates. Summer 2022 will be particularly exciting as all Covid restrictions have ended, meaning events and hospitality can resume as normal.

Make the most of the season and Bag Your Brand with a Reusable Printed Promotional Bag. When choosing promotional merchandise for Summer promotions, you'll find that Custom Reusable Bags are a practical choice.

They can be used on days out, beach trips, festivals, picnics and any outdoor event. And their larger canvas means your brand and marketing messages will be seen by many eyes each time it's reused.

Which Brands Use Printed Promotional Bags?

Printed Reusable Bags can be used by any type of business, including:

A well-designed promotional bag leaves a lasting impression on customers and acts as a walking advertisement to attract new customers.

There are many ways to use a Printed Bag to increase brand awareness - how you do so will depend on your brand and marketing goals. Keep reading for brand marketing inspiration, then go and visit our Case Studies for even more ideas!

How To Use Promotional Bags To Increase Brand Awareness This Summer

1. As Part of Social Media Campaigns

Social Media can be used to raise brand awareness in several ways. If your business has a stand at events like festivals, PR events, garden shows or food & drink shows, think about using printed bags as a giveaway to attendees.

Create a social media hashtag and encourage recipients to take photos of themselves enjoying their day at the event, along with their new Promotional Bag bearing your brand logo. Offer a prize for the best photo of the event - it will help customers to notice your brand on the day, encourage them to follow your social media accounts, and will create some fun, engaging content for your brand.

Printed Reusable Bags can also be used as a prize. Gill the bag with branded goodies and run a competition giving out a limited number of goodie bags. Try a prize draw, caption, or photo competition, or simply give them away to the first 100 people to come to your stand. Whatever works best for your brand marketing goals.

Read how The Old Inn Hotel used a limited edition promotional bag in social media campaigns.

2. Give People Practical Promotional Merchandise for Summer Fun Days & Outdoor Events

Make the most of the summer crowds flocking to festivals, events, beaches and parks. Hand out free branded bags containing other promotional items, or give them away in exchange for an email address to help build your mailing list.

Think about where you'll be meeting your target audience and what their needs are to help you decide on the best reusable bag style to promote your business.

Choosing the Right Reusable Bag Style for Your Summer Campaigns

A thermal bag is great for keeping food & drink cool on trips out as well as carrying goods home from food & drink retailers at markets and foodie events.

Tote bags are the perfect size for trips to the park, shopping and carrying swimming gear. Often used as goodie bags - they are a great all-rounder for everyday use.

Drawstring backpacks are ideal for children to carry sports kit or packed lunch. Also popular with charities as goodie bags for participants in charity races & sporting events.

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3. Host Your Own Brand Marketing Event

Summer is a great time to host your own event. They give you a chance to meet customers, talk to them in person and show them more about what your business does. Ideas for events include:

  • Boost awareness of a cause, health or local initiative by holding community events such as a Summer fair or fun day.
  • If you offer a sporting, leisure or learning activity host a free open day so people can come in and see what you do.
  • Fashion retailers could host their own Summer fashion show or another special occasion for their cardholders and valued customers.
  • Create a branded promotional bag to promote your event and give participants something to take away so that they remember their day.

There are so many promotional merchandise items to choose from this Summer, but a printed reusable bag provides a much larger canvas for your marketing messages than other popular products. Just think how many more people will see a printed bag over the summer months, than products like mugs, pens or USB sticks.

And a reusable bag will continue to be used all year round for shopping trips and not just when the sun is shining! This makes branded bags an economical and long-lasting way to promote any brand and increase brand awareness.

Need help planning your next event? Visit our Free Guides page and download your free copy of:

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Increase Brand Awareness - Bag Your Brand for Summer

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