Smartbags are experts in creating eye-catching custom-printed reusable bags to promote your business. Buying reusable bags in bulk has many benefits and helps to keep unit costs per bag down. But we also have other ways to help your business to stretch its cashflow further…

Bag Your Brand with Smartbags and Protect Your Cashflow

Buying custom-printed bags wholesale can mean a significant outlay of capital in one go, making it difficult for companies on a budget or with a limited cash flow. So, whilst buying wholesale has many benefits, some companies can't take advantage of them due to cash flow worries.

At Smartbags, we provide business solutions that allow you to buy in wholesale quantities, whilst protecting your cash flow.

1. Flexible Payment Terms

We offer payment terms that are hard to beat by any other reusable bag supplier. If your business wants to invest in larger quantities of custom bags but doesn't have the cash flow available to pay in one go, we've created a flexible payment option for you.

  • Pay a 50% deposit when placing your order
  • The remaining 50% is to be paid within 21 days of delivery of SEA shipped orders. With delivery times of 10-12 weeks, this gives your business 3-4 months between payments.

Sound good? Just ask us about payment options when you request a quote.

2. Delivery to a Bonded Warehouse

We’re increasingly delivering to bonded warehouses for our customers. This is a secure space where goods that are liable to import duty and VAT are stored, but customs duty and VAT payments are deferred until the goods are sold or removed from storage.

It allows your business to buy shipped goods in bulk, but only take delivery as required. It's a great way to manage your stock and protect cash flow.

Shipping Container

More about the Advantages of Using a Bonded Warehouse:

Deferred Duty and VAT payments: This is the main advantage and allows your business to free up cash flow (especially when importing large quantities). Instead of paying taxes and duties for the whole bulk order at once, you only pay as your custom-branded bags leave the warehouse for sale or use. The savings from reduced upfront costs can be invested elsewhere in your business.

Economy of Scale: Not every business has the storage space to keep 5,000 bags. If you're short on space, using a bonded warehouse will allow your business to take advantage of economies of scale. For example, 500 Non-woven PP bags that cost £1.30 per bag, drops to 55p per bag when you order 5,000*. Using a warehouse allows you to increase your order.

Inventory Management: Wholesale orders mean you always have stock to hand when you need it, saving the hassle of constant re-ordering. It’s also more expensive to keep making multiple orders than to place one large wholesale order. Save on repeated delivery costs and paying customs duty and VAT.

Secure Long-Term Storage: Your goods will be kept safe and securely for extended periods meaning there is no rush to use the stock. Typically up to five years, but some warehouses store them for longer.

Get more advice on Customs and Bonded Warehouses

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“Smartbags have always been about trust and loyalty – all the way through from our long standing partnership with our factory to delivering at your warehouse or doorstep”

Matt Lewis, Smartbags

Want to Buy Custom-Printed Bags Wholesale AND Protect your Cash Flow?

Find the products you are interested in, then request a quote. Talk to Matt Lewis (our Sales Director) about flexible payment options or delivery to a bonded warehouse.

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