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5 Design Features to Enhance a Reusable Bag

Design features such as piping and handles can really enhance your reusable bag design. Check out our Top 5 design extras.

5 Design Features to Enhance a Reusable Bag

Promotional bags are a great way to to market your company & your brand. By choosing a bespoke bag you'll have the option of adding some design features that won't just look great but also provide a practical element to the bag. 

To decide on which design features would work best for you, think about the bags purpose and their final owner. Are you producing them for a conference, sporting or charity event? Do you want people to reuse them after the event? Answering these questions will help you pin down the most practical design features for your target market. 

Promotional Bags - 5 Design Features and How to Use Them

1. Pockets

You can add both internal & external pockets to your bespoke promotional bag. It's a practical touch that makes the bag more attractive for the owner to reuse regularly.

2. Piping 

Adding piping creates a more striking look for your bags. The contrasting colour of piping and handles from the base material really adds an extra dimesion to your design which makes the bags more attractive and eye-catching. 


3. Hard Base 

A useful feature for any heavy duty bag shopping bag that will be be used to transport bulky and heavy goods. The base makes the bag stronger and more durable, as well as making it easier to carry when full. 

4. Handles 

Handles can be finished with PP webbing to make them stronger and more durable. If you need extra strength, handles can also be stitched onto the outside of your bag (rather than the inside).

A great solution if your bespoke bag is designed to carry heavy items such as bottle 


5. Name Card Holders

A great addition if you are creating bags for children - make sure they don't lose them! It's also a great idea for conference bags, adding a personal touch for delegates and a way to let people know who they are.



These are just some of the few design features available for your bespoke reusable bag.

For more details on design features, materials, marketing and other useful tips, download our free Bag Your Brand Guide now! 






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