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Pukka Up! Smartbags hit Ibiza Pukka Up! Smartbags hit Ibiza

Pukka Up! Smartbags hit Ibiza

"The bags are great, basically we are selling them on the boats, parties, bars and online as a combo pack with merchandise"
Jay Mallia, Pukka Up

During the wettest summer since records began, Smartbags bespoke drawstring bags were having it large in Ibiza! Pukka Up is a club that organize huge club nights and boat parties with flirtatious fun and free-spirited clubbing. They also host Ibiza reunions and parties throughout the UK.   

The Pukka up experience also features a team of dancers to add to the fun. They hand out goodie bags to partygoers on the night such as this Non-woven drawstring bag that Smartbags have supplied this summer. The bags are also sold at events as part of a combo-pack with other Pukka Up merchandise. 

If you are ready to have such a clubbing experience don't wait! Book your ticket for London, Manchester or sunny Ibiza and get a vibrant souvenir bag! 

Product Information

Non-woven PP is cost effective, reusable & water resistant
Ideal for schools, sports or gym bags & many other multi purposes

Product: NW-DRW-03
Style: Junior Drawstring Backpack
Material: Non-woven PP
Size: [H]35cm x [W]28cm x [D]7cm
Features: Feels like textile fabric | Economical promo bag
Link: View Junior Drawstring Backpack

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