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The Food Gatherer Protect the Environment & Promote Their Brand The Food Gatherer Protect the Environment & Promote Their Brand

The Food Gatherer Protect the Environment & Promote Their Brand

"From planning to delivery Smartbags were excellent to work with, Even though my business hadn't launched at the time I approached them, they got to grips with my concept for how my business was going to work and helped me decide what type of bag would be best.

The bag works successfully as a functional part of our delivery service as we deliver our customers' orders in them. Each bag is recycled with their next order too, which is not only environmentally friendly (which many of our customers like) it also keeps the packaging costs down.

The bags are also a valuable marketing tool, we hand them out at events when people sign up to our mailing list and hang them as part of our display. When people are using the bag at the event and after, the bag continues to work as an ongoing advertising tool , much better than a throw away printed ad. Our Food Gatherer delivery bags from Smart bags were certainly one of our smartest investments!"

Emma Lundie, Food Gatherer

The Food Gatherer is a local food delivery service. It's founder, Emma Lundie is on a mission to make local food shopping easy and delivers specialist produce from local shops and producers to people in Enfield, London. 

The Food Gatherer had two aims when it approached Smartbags. Firstly to create a brand identity for their new online business serving a local community. They needed something tangible that would get their brand noticed locally and would reflect their brand values. Secondly, they wanted a practical solution for deliveries that would help them to reduce packaging cost & waste whilst caring for the environment.  Smartbag helped them to acheive this by creating attractive, branded reusable ecobags. 

The reusable ecobag is an essential part of the Food Gatherer's delivery system. Large orders are delivered in the large reusable ecobags Smartbags created for them. The customer keeps hold of the reusable bag and returns it to the driver on the next delivery (which will be in a new ecobag). The cycle continues and has been effective at cutting waste plastic. 

The bag is also given away at local events and when someone signs up to their mailing list. The bag is then reused locally, advertising the business each time it is reused. The Food Gatherer also sells the bag so that customers can keep hold of their very own bag and use it when shopping locally. 

Find out more about The Food Gatherer 

The Food Gatherer bring together a selection of food & drink from specialist independent food suppliers & producers making shopping locally a doodle! . 

Visit the Food Gatherer at www.thefoodgatherer.com. They currently deliver in the London Borough of Enfield to the following postcodes: N21, N14, N13, EN1 and EN2

Product Information

Perfect size shopper for food delivery services and take away bags. Customised hanging tag, name card holder and hard PP base insert. This Bag for Life will be reused over and over.

Product: NW-HVY-01
Style: Fruit & Veg Shopping Carrier Bag
Material: Non-woven PP
Size: [H] 30cm x [W] 37cm x [D] 22cm
Features: Combine different bag colours for customer I-D purposes at no extra cost.
Link: View Fruit & Veg Shopping Carrier Bag

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