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Printed Reusable Recycling Bags for Waste Management Teams & Local Authorities

Printed recycling bags provide an ideal way for waste management teams & local authorities to raise awareness and boost recycling rates. Commonly used by local authorities and waste management teams, they are also being used by universities looking to encourage students to recycle.

Printed Reusable Recycling Bags for Waste Management Teams & Local Authorities

Printed reusable recycling bags  are used by local authorities and waste management services as a cheaper, convenient alternative to recycling bins. They're great to print on and provide a big blank canvas for branding and details of local recycling initiatives and practical information on how to recycle waste. Reusable recycling bags will encourage awareness and boost recycling rates. 

They are large and super-strong making them perfect for collecting all kinds of  household waste such as bottles, tin cans, paper and plastic. They can also store bulky garden waste. There are many other good reasons to choose reusable recycling bags for your business or organisation/ 

The Benefits of Choosing Reusable Recycling Bags 

- Reusable bags make it easier and more pleasant for households to recycle. Choose bags with velcro lids and tipping handles that are easy to use and make perfect containers for recycling waste. 

- Heavy duty recycling bags are an economical choice. Cheaper than bins and with the added bonus of being easier to store. 

- Made from Laminated Woven PP these bags are waterproof and durable. Just wipe clean - they should last for many years. For larger orders, we can also create bags made from Laminated Woven PP made from 50-70% recycled content

- Woven PP material is also 100% recyclable and can be melted down and made into other products after use. 

- Reusable recycling bags can be fully personalised and branded with 100% full colour print coverage. Customise with internal dividers, weighted base to stop it flying away, lids and both external and internal lamination. You can also add a panel for house numbers to be written on. 

- With just a minimum order of 1000 units, these bags are cost effective. Heavy duty recycling bags available in a range of sizes from 32 litre to 70 litre capacity. 

Not Just For Local Authorities

We are all familiar with these branded recycling bags being used by local authorities to collect household recycling. But schools, colleges and universities also recognise the benefits. Birmingham University used their bag to encourage students to recycle.They created the GREG campaign and placed printed recycling bags in student accommodation to make it easy for students to recycle waste glass, paper, tins and cardboard.

By adding their social media details with a QR code students can engage with the campaign online and show off their recycling efforts with photos and the recycling team can relay information. Read more by clicking on the link below. 

Reusable recycling bags are a great environmentally-friendly choice. We all need to reduce, reuse and recycle and these bags will help to make that just a little bit easier. 

Bespoke Recycling Bags Encourage Students to Recycle

Bespoke Recycling Bags Encourage Students to Recycle

“The ability to have the recycling information printed onto the bags themselves is far more efficient and effective than a standard recycling container and lose leaflet which may get lost.”

Lizzie Eustace, University of Birmingham


Get a Quote for Printed Reusable Recycling Bags

As a rough price guide - order 1000 pieces at £1.70 per bag or 10,000 pieces at £0.60 per bag. Prices vary depending on bag size and print options/coverage required. 

If you require 5000+ recycling bags we can also offer you an extra material choice. Our new range of material is Laminated Woven PP made from 50-70% recycled content for an even 'greener' recycling bag.

For a personalised quote, just browse our product range. Click on the products you're interested in and add them to your quote basket. We'll be back in touch by the next business day.  



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