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Using QR Codes in Marketing Campaigns

Jun 3, 2013

QR codes are an effective marketing tool which have emerged from the smartphone revolution. Increasing numbers of consumers have the ability to scan QR codes with their smartphones, and as a result QR codes are becoming a regular feature within adverts and packaging, as well as on promotional items such as reusable bags.

Using QR Codes in Marketing Campaigns

What is a QR code?

QR stands for Quick Response. A Quick Response code consists of black and white parts arranged in a square pattern on a white background, which when scanned with the right tool (Smartphones, webcams) can provide all sorts of data. They’re similar to the barcodes used by retailers to track inventory and price products at the point of sale. The key difference between the two is the amount of data they can hold or share. When you scan a QR code using a webcam or mobile phone camera, the QR reader application takes you to a Web site, a video, blog or another web-based site. QR codes provide an easy way of sending people to a web page without having to type a URL. The ability of QR codes to connect people with each other and to multimedia digital content is very useful for businesses and consumers alike.

Why use QR codes?

Posting a QR code on a branded reusable bag will make it simple for potential customers to scan and store your companies contact info or send them directly to your website. In other words, QR codes make it possible for consumers to access your online content and get access to relevant information whilst they are on-the-go.

What information can you embed in a QR code?

There’s a whole range of information you can store in that little black and white square! This includes:

  • Your latest promotions and special offers
  • Sign consumers up to your newsletter
  • Direct access to competition entry pages/information
  • Download videos, ebooks or mp3 files
  • Information about your businesses: contact details, how to find you, directions, store locations etc.
  • Direct customers to your website or promotional web page

Maximize marketing effectiveness with QR codes

There’s no point using a QR code in isolation. You need to consider your marketing plan and target market when using a QR code for marketing purposes.

  • Consider your marketing objectives/targets
  • Encourage consumer actions that support your marketing objectives
  • Experiment with the size, location, and colour of your QR codes
  • Test your codes on different devices and readers
  • Study your analytics and review effectiveness

The Future of QR Codes

It would seem that QR Codes are here to stay. They help to bring people together with technology as well as enhance the consumer experience. It’s a quick-changing technology and as time goes on QR codes will be able to hold even more information – we’ll be watching to see how it develops in the future. Have you used QR codes in your marketing campaigns? How did you use them and were they effective?

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