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Our Favourite Branded Shopping Bags to Celebrate Independents Day 2020

Independents Day 2020 is held on the 4th July and is special day to celebrate Independent Retailers in the UK. Create a branded shopping bag to promote your retail business and keep customers thinking about your brand, all year long.

Our Favourite Branded Shopping Bags to Celebrate Independents Day 2020

Independents' Day is a campaign celebrating and promoting independent retailers in the UK.  The day is celebrated on the same day as US Independence Day - 4th July 2020.

Independent retailers are operating in challenging times with increased competition from eCommerce stores and the decline of the High Street. The number of indie stores in the UK declined in 2017 and the UK High Street reported a drop in sales for the fifth consecutive year.  There are so many challenges facing Indie Retailers so it's key to make the most of initiatives like Independent's Day to promote and support small, local retailers and boost business. 

Read on to find out more and see how your retail business can take part. 

What Happens on Independents' Day 2020?

Retailers run special events and promotions to celebrate Independent Retail and encourage footfall. This will include themed window displays, in-store events, discounts and special offers. It's a chance to increase footfall to your store and to re-connect with your regular customers. 

Customers and shoppers also get the chance to show some love for their favourite independent retailers. They will be encouraged to shout-out about the indie retailer they use and love the most, using the social media hashtag #UKIndieDay.This is a great opportunity to gain some free PR and new social media followers, so do take advantage. Let your customers know about Independents Day and entice them to big up your business! Encourage them to post about your retail business using the hashtag or use it in your own posts to let local people know about your promotions. 

Read more about Independents Day

Turn Your Retail Customers into Walking Adverts

In-store displays and events are great for increasing footfall and sales, but you want to encourage repeat business too so that people return after Independents'     Day is over. Think about how your promotional activity will keep your retail brand in customers minds in the future. 

One way to do this is to create your own branded shopping bag - they're the perfect promotional product for Independents Day. Reusable shopping bags can be used again and again and essentially turn the user into a walking advert. Bag your Brand and continue to promote your business for weeks, months, even years after the initial investment

Printed bags are a practical promotional choice for retailers as customers can use them to carry purchases home to avoid paying the bag charge, and are an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic carrier bags.  Branded shopping bags can be given away for free or sold in-store to raise extra revenue.

They can also be used to create a branded look in your stores window displays. Make them desirable so that everyone notices them and wants one! They are a practical promotional item that are an effective, moving advertisement that will get a great return on your investment. Create for individual stores or club together with other High Street Retailers or local authority to create a co-branded bag to promote all local Indpendent Retailers and/or the local High Street. 


Branded Shopping Bags for Independents' Day

Here at Smartbags, we stock a wide range of reusable shopping bags, but some styles are particularly popular with retailers.

Top 3 most popular shopping bag styles for retailers:  


Large Non-woven Tote Bag1. Tote Bag

The tote bag is a classic! Available in a wide range of sizes and materials, there is a Tote Bag for all retail sectors.

Our Non-woven PP tote bags provide a more economical option than cotton or jute tote bags. The fabric is soft to the touch, as well as being strong and durable. NWPP is 100% reusable and recyclable - it is also a great fabric to print on, offering 100% print coverage in full colour. 

Available in a range of sizes, our larger tote bags make the perfect branded Bag for Life. Choose a laminated bag for extra shine and to make your bags easy to wipe clean. 

We also supply branded tote bags made from 70% recycled plastic, making your shopping bags even more eco-friendly! 

Check out our full range of Branded Promotional Tote Bags.


 Large Ikea Style Heavy Duty Bag2. Bags for Life & Heavy Duty Bags

Our Heavy Duty Bags are super strong and are ideal for independent retailers selling heavy, bulky goods.  Popular with garden centres and homeware & DIY, supermarkets and more. 

Our Bags for Life can be created in a range of sizes from small to extra large for bulky goods. Hard-wearing and waterproof, these bags can be reused at picnics, camping trips and grocery shopping. With 100% full colour print coverage, your brand design will get your business noticed. 

Browse our range of Promotional Bags for Life and Heavy Duty Bags


Nylon Foldable Pouch Bags3. Foldable Pouch Shopping Bags 

These pouch bags fold down into a small pouch which is shaped just like a strawberry. These are extremely popular with food retailers, fashion outlets and gift/general stores. 

They fold up small, making it easy for people to carry them around and reuse for shopping trips.  These practical foldable bags are available in Non-woven PP, Nylon and rPET - the fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. 

See our range of Foldable Pouch Shopping Bags


Discounted Branded Shopping Bags for Bira Members

If you a member of Bira - the British Independent Retailers Association, we can offer exclusive discounts on custom printed branded shopping bags.  Some of the benefits to your retail business are: 

  • 10% discount on standard prices
  • Lower minimum order quantities 
  • Design Support 
  • Bespoke Service
If you aren't a member of bira, we can still help you!  Simply browse our product range using the link below, fill your quote basket and get in touch for your personalised quote.











Please allow 10-14 weeks for delivery by SEA and 4-8 weeks for Express deliveries. To take advantage of cheapest delivery by end June, please order by 23rd March - 13th April. We also offer a 7 day stock service if time is really short! 

Independents Day happens just once a year, so make the most of it to help boost business to your independent retailers year round. 

For links to information, case studies and blogs on using branded shopping bags for retail, follow the link below:

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Retail, Fashion & High Street

Turn your customers into walking adverts, whether you are a 'bricks & mortar' shop or an online retailer.

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