How to Design a Promotional Tote Bag

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Promotional Branded Tote Bags are one of our most popular custom-printed reusable bag styles. Used by retailers, councils, SMEs & corporate and charities for event marketing, shopping bags, goodie bags and a wide range of other promotional activities.

Watch this video to get some hints, tips and expert advice on design features such as;

  • bag colour
  • printing
  • sitching
  • piping
  • handles

If you need more help, do get in touch for real advice from real people!

To get some ideas and inspiration on how other businesses are using Tote Bags to promote their business, check our Case Studies page.

Promotional Tote Bag - Fabrics

We supply Reusable Tote Bags in a range of fabrics, including.

1. Non-woven PP Tote Bags - we specialise in bags made from Non-woven PP - a sustainable, recyclable material that has a soft feel. More economical than natural fibres and our most popular fabric.

2. Laminated Woven PP Tote Bags - Heavy-duty style LWPP shopping bags that are ideal for supermarkets, delivery services and online retail.

3. Recycled Laminated Woven PP Totes - Made from 70% Recycled Rice Sacks - a more sustainable alternative to our standard laminated range. Minimum order of 5000 units, so ideal for wholesale orders.

4. Heat-Sealed Non-Woven PP Totes- similar to our standard Non-Woven PP range but up to 30-40% lower cost than the regular range. The bags are sealed using heat, rather than finished by hand.


Tote Bag for Yoga Venue
Tote Bag for Yoga Venue
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