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How is a Bag for Life Made?

Ever wondered exactly how a Bag for Life is manufactured? We give you an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes in the Smartbags factory to see how it's done.

How is a Bag for Life Made?

A Bag for Life is a practical reusable shopping bag. It's great for carrying heavy, bulky shopping home and because of it's strength it can be reused many times by shoppers. 

With Bag Charge in force increasing numbers of consumers are taking reusable bags shopping with them. This makes Bags for Life a popular branded product for retailers. They are sold or given away in-store and promote the retailers brand as they are carried around town. 

A Bag for Life is an eco-friendly choice and will reduce the amount of single-use plastics in our environment. It can also be recycled once it's practical use is over and made in a brand new Bag for Life.   

Find out more with a behind-the-scenes look at our reusable bag factory and see how a Bag for Life is manufactured. 

Bag for Life - Production Process

The slideshow below shows how a Bag for Life is made.        

How is a Bag for Life Made? from Leanne Dal Santo


1. Recycled plastic pellets are melted down to form the basis on Non-woven PP material.

2. The melted pellets are then rolled to make sheets of Non-woven PP.

3. Rolls of Non-woven PP are created ready for use.

4. The material is cut into sheets ready for stitching.

5. The sheets are then machine stitched into a bag design.

6. Design features like zips are stitched on to create a finished Bag for Life. 

7. The bags are then boxed ready for shipping to our customers. 

Branded Bag for Life Range

Our Bags for Life are super strong and carry up to 15-25 kgs of shopping. Available in a small style right up to large Ikea style bags.  Mininum orders of 1000-5000 units depending on material chosen. 

Our Bags for Life are made from standard woven PP and Laminated Woven PP made from 50-75& Recycled Content.




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