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How to Boost Brand Awareness for Your Craft Beer Brand

How to use branded beer bottle bags to promote craft beer brands & breweries in a crowded market place. Boost brand awareness, create loyal customers and brand advocates.

How to Boost Brand Awareness for Your Craft Beer Brand

There has been a huge surge in interest in craft beer in the UK in recent years. In 2016, 300 new brewers opened in the UK alone and there are now more than 2,000 breweries - the highest number since the 1930s. ( Source: Guardian ).

This is great news for the drinks industry. But it does mean there are a lot of beer brands vying for attention in a busy market place, so it's important that your beer brand stands out from the crowd.

The first step is nailing your brand identity & personality. This is hugely important for breweries and craft beer retailers in a busy market - customers need to be able to recognise & identify with your brand. What are your core brand values? What do you offer that's different from other craft beer brands?  What's your story and why will people love to drink your beer over others? 

Get your story clear and use it to create visual branding that tells your brands story. Be consistent with branding and use it on your products, shop front, website and promotional products like branded beer bottle bags. 

Three Ways to use Branded Beer Bottle Bags 

Branded Beer Bottle Bags are a great marketing tool for drinks retailers for breweries, craft beer shops and off-licenses. They can be used in many ways to promote your drinks brand.

1. Customer loyalty schemes 

Brew Cavern Branded Promotional Beer Bottle BagCreate a customer loyalty scheme that will keep people returning to buy again and again!    Brew Cavern is a specialist craft beer shop in Nottingham that has a very successful  customer loyalty scheme that has helped create a vibe around their brand and encourage repeat sales.

Beer can be heavy, bulky and awkward to carry home.  Brew Cavern in Nottingham wanted a branded beer bottle bag with a strong look that would promote their business locally but would also serve a practical purpose for their customers and would get their beer home safely!   

These bags can be purchased at point of sale for the reasonable price of £3. Then each time the customer returns to Brew Cavern with their bag they receive a 10% discount on a minimum purchase of  six bottles. This customer loyalty scheme has been a huge success and the bottle bags are on the Brew Cavern's best sellers!

Read the case study: Customer Loyalty Scheme a Success for Brew Cavern


2. Tastings, Consumer Events & Festivals

Holdens Brewery Promotional Branded Premium 6 Bottle Beer BagEvents are key to marketing your craft beer brand. They will get you noticed, so do all that you can to ensure that potential customers remember you after the event has finished.
Have branded beer bottle bags available at in-store tasting events. Give them away for free to customers buying 6 bottles or more. Or give them away to anyone who signs up for your beer club or newsletter - whatever works for your brand and help to fulfil your marketing objectives. Everyone loves a freebie and it'll create a good vibe around your beer brand. 

You could also give bags away at events like festivals and summer events - anywhere they may be lots of people drinking and enjoying the atmosphere. This is a great way for any beer or drinks brand to give brand recognition a huge boost.  If you're at a big event, thousands of people will be exposed to your brand.

Beer bottle bags are available in a range of sizes carrying from one to six bottles. Use one bottle bags to provide a free tasting sample. You could even create a branded cooler bag to help people keep their beer cool on a hot day which is a great way to ensure nobody forgets your brand.  

3. Boost Your Brand Identity on Social Media

Cairngorm Brewery Branded 6 Bottle Promotional Beer Carry bagSocial media provides a great opportunity to create some buzz around your brand. Use your branded beer bottle bags and other branded merchandise as a weekly/monthly competition prize.  Think of original ways for people to enter the competition so that they can really engage with your brand.

So, instead of entering via a prize draw think of something more original. Ask people to post photos showing where they are enjoying your beer brand. The best beer photo of the month/week gets the prize! This is a great way to improve your brand reach and create free PR as entrants friends and connections can see the posts and your product being enjoyed. 

These are just three ways you can try boost brand awareness for your craft beer brand. Why not give them a try see what they can do for your brand.

If you need some help and advice on how to create the perfect branded beer bottle bag, download your free copy of Bag Your Brand & Create Brand Advocates.

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