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Sectors - Councils & Waste Authorities

Improve recycling rates & raise awareness of local initiatives in your community.

Councils & Waste Authorities

Why do councils and waste authorities use branded bags for kerbside recycling and promoting local initiatives?

Kerbside Recycling Bags
  • Bags make it easier (and more pleasant) for households to recycle. Bags with tipping handles and velcro lids are perfect recycling waste containers.
  • Recycling bags are a cheaper alternative to bins and more convenient to store. 
  • Weighted recycling bags can be used for kerbside collection with less risk of flying away. The bags are also waterproof and durable.
  • A panel can be printed on the bag for each household to write their house number on.
Promotional Bags
  • Reusable bags are a favourite way to promote educational programmes for schools, residents and the local business community.
  • Promotional Bags for Life can also be used for joint campaigns with local retailers.
  • Local authorities promote their initiatives and at the same time generate goodwill by giving away their branded eco-bags at fairs, green days and other sponsored events. They also raise funds by selling them as library or market bags.
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