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Marketing Fitness Brands: Promoting Personal Training, Gyms, Studios & Sports Classes

The Fitness Industry showed major growth in 2019, only slowed by the Covid-19 lockdown. The virus has had a huge effect on the industry with many trainers, instructors and gyms now offering virtual classes and online training sessions to beat gym closures and social restrictions January is traditionally the busiest time of the year for fitness brands, as new & returning customers make resolutions to start a fitness regime. Find out how to Bag your Brand to attract customers and get ahead of the competition in 2021!

Marketing Fitness Brands: Promoting Personal Training, Gyms, Studios & Sports Classes

As we all become increasingly aware of the importance of keeping active for a healthy life, the fitness industry continues to grow and looks set to continue to grow and flourish during 2021.

The State of UK Fitness Report
gives some interesting insights into the size and growth of the industry during 2019/20:

UK Fitness Industry - Key Facts

    • The market value exceeded £5 billion for the first time in 2019 and was 4.2% up on 2018.

    • One in seven people in the UK is a member of a gym, giving a total of 10 million memberships. This is the highest figure in Europe, after Germany.

    • In England alone, approximately 8.9 million people take part in fitness activities for at least 150 minutes a week

    • In Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland around 15-17% of people attend a class at least monthly

    • Women are slightly more active than men.

There has also been significant growth in low-cost, economy gyms and at the top end of the market, a rise in the number of boutique studios offering yoga, pilates and HIIT, (particularly in areas like London and other cities/large towns).

Another big trend that started before Covid-19 but gathered pace quickly once lockdown began, is signing up for online classes, fitness groups and personal training sessions. Participants take interactive, live classes via Zoom or follow pre-recorded classes on demand.

The fitness market appeals to people of all ages and incomes with room for different types of sports, fitness and training brands to flourish if they can get their marketing and branding right.

Get Ahead of The Competition

It's great to hear that so many people are looking to get fit and healthy. However, it does mean that there is increased competition to get your business noticed - fitness brands will have to work harder to attract new customers.

Here at Smartbags, we help fitness brands market their business by creating eye-catching, custom-printed reusable bags. They provide an economical way to promote any brand and act as walking advertisements each time they are reused. A reusable bag is also practical - members can use to carry their kit each time they visit the gym or studio.

Ideals for Using a Branded Bag to promote your Fitness Business

  • Giveaway a custom-branded bag as a free gift with membership. Can also be given away free with purchases of gym equipment or training clothes.
  • Use as an incentive to attend the gym regularly - offer as a prize for completing a fitness challenge or attending for a month in a row
  • Add as a branded product and sell to customers in your retail space or online store. Sell as a gym bag alongside other branded goods like T-shirts, training clothes etc.

Fitness Brands & Reusable Bags - Case Studies

Read on for case studies to see how real businesses are using custom-printed bags to promote their fitness brand. Get inspired!

Yoga Venue Case Study

YogaVenue use branded bags as a free gift with purchase in their retail space. Each customer receives a free shopping bag to carry their purchases home in. They are also used as part of an incentive prize awarded to any member completing a 30-day Yoga challenge.

Love the bags! A great way to build brand awareness. The quality is great, perfect for carrying yoga gear and also for your weekly shop! It’s lovely to see people out on the street using them and our customers love receiving them. Would definitely recommend working with Smartbags again.

Caroline, YogaVenue

Sweat Studios Case Study

Sweat Studios is a Hot Yoga Studio that takes branding seriously. Branded Bags were given to new members to create a "feel-good factor" and to encourage brand loyalty.

The bags are given to everyone on their first class. It creates a sense of brand affinity from the outset as well as being a very practical gift. It's great seeing people walking into the studio carrying their bags. They've become a very sought after item

Kirsty, Sweat Studios

Order Reusable Promotional Bags to Promote Your Fitness Brand

Our range of reusable bags are available in a wide range of styles to suit your business needs. Allow 12-14 weeks to order reusable bags at our lowest economy delivery prices.

If you require promotional bags for January 2021 (the busiest time in the marketing calendar for any fitness brand), please allow 10-12 weeks for economy delivery. If time is short, Express orders take around 3-6 weeks (depending on fabric chosen).

For last-minute orders, check out our 7-day stock bags.

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