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Sectors - Schools, Colleges & Unis

See how logo bags are being used for freshers week, to promote clubs and associations, raise money and educate.

Schools, Colleges & Unis

Benefits of a reusable logo bags to promote Schools, Universities & Colleges

We have created some eye-catching reusable bags to promote clubs & associations, raise money and awareness for a number of educational institutions. 

  • Promote specific clubs and events: Logo bags can be used as giveaways bags during Freshers' Week and other important dates.
  • Raise money: Sell at fairs and fundraising events to raise money for your school or college.
  • Educational Tool: A competition to design a Bag for Life is a fun and educational way of engaging students and increasing their awareness of environmental issues. 
  • Promote recycling initiatives: Recycling bags for halls of residence, student tenants, staff work areas and classrooms.

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