Benefits of using Promotional Bags for Corporates & SMEs

Corporates & SMEs

Printed Promotional Bags act like walking billboards for any business giving a greater reach than traditional promotional items like pens and mugs. Read on to find out how corporate clients are using Smartbags to promote their brand and the benefits promotional bags bring to their business.

Using Promotional Bags for Corporates & SMEs

A promotional bag acts as a low cost, moving advertisement for corporate brands. An attractive, eye-catching branded bag is likely to be reused repeatedly which in turn will lead to greater exposure for your marketing messages and business.

Give them away at trade shows to stand out from the crowd and get your brand noticed by attendees. Reusable bags can also be given away as a corporate gift and filled with other branded corporate promotional items.

  • A Positive Form of Advertising: A reusable bag provides a welcome, non-aggressive method of adverting. A bag is a practical item that can be reused for shopping trips, days out and carrying sports kit - each time it will promote your brand to everyone on the owners journey. A great way to promote any corporate or SME brand. They provide a larger print canvas than pens and mugs, and will allow your brand to be seen by more people than traditional promotional items.
  • Mark Special Occasions, Events & Anniversaries: Distribute branded bags as a special keepsakes to celebrate client anniversaries and important events. Use them at PR events like launches - reusable bags make perfect goody bags. Fill them with corporate treats or branded goodies and treat your customers to a gift to remember your business.

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Using Promotional Bags for Corporates & SMEs

What our customers say

"We would definitely recommend the bags. They are something different and useful too - 100% personalised and branded perfectly. They are ultra-modern and we believe of all the marketing collateral we have bought in the past, these are the best received and most used by our clients."

Laura Redfearn, Doctech

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