Benefits of using Promotional Bags for Leisure, Clubs & Niche Business

Leisure, Clubs & Niche Business

Reusable Printed Promotional Bags are popular with leisure, fitness and sports brands/clubs. They make great kit bags and are often given away as a free gift with membership. Our reusable bags have many practical uses and can be used as packaging or to deliver veggie boxes. No matter how niche your business needs, we can create a custom made bag that fits your requirements.

Using Promotional Bags to Advertise Leisure & Niche Business

There are many ways to use printed promotional bags to promote leisure & fitness brands and niche business. We stock a range of reusable bag styles and materials to help you create exactly what you need to promote your specialist business.

  • Alternative Product Packaging or Kit Bag: Reusable bags can also be used as packaging, to carry sports kit or to make deliveries. Add more value by printing your logo and website address on each promotional bag so details can be seen clearly to help new customers find your website. As reusable bags are a practical item that can be reused many times, they are eco-friendly and sustainable.
  • Provides a Large Blank Canvas for Marketing Messages: Reusable promotional bags provide a larger area for advertising than other promotional items such as pens, mugs or calendars. Take advantage of this extra print space for bold design and eye-catching branding so your promotional bag will act like a walking advertisement.
  • Custom Made to Suit any Promotional Campaign or Usage: If you need a hard base to safely transfer your goods, name tags to identify, zips to secure or extra strong handles - Smartbags can help you to create a bag that will meet your business needs. We have create reusable bags for many practical purposes - to carry celebration cakes to venues and to deliver weekly veg box and locally sourced food, Our super-strong heavy duty bags act as crates in warehouses or used for the storage and transportation of goods and products.
  • Used by a Wide Range of Business: Supplied to gyms, yoga schools, swimming clubs, entertainment brands, delivery & service companies and more!

There are many ways promotional bags can be used (and re-used!) but the beauty of our bespoke promotional bag service is that it's tailored to your specific business requirements, saving you money and helping your promotional campaigns operate smoothly.

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Using Promotional Bags to Advertise Leisure & Niche Business

What our customers say

"The bags are great, basically we are selling them on the boats, parties, bars and online as a combo pack with merchandise"

Jay Mallia, Pukka Up

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