Benefits of using Promotional Bags for Schools, Colleges & Universities

Schools, Colleges & Universities

Find out how printed logo bags are being used for by schools & universities to raise money, educate, to promote clubs & associations and given-away at Freshers Week. Heavy duty recycling bags are also popular for Halls of Residence. Read on for ideas & inspiration on how educators can use printed bags within their school, college or University.

How Printed Logo Bags can be used in Schools, Universities & Colleges

Printed logo bags are popular with education providers and can be used in many ways to raise funds, educate or promote services & initiatives.

  • Promote Clubs & Events at Freshers Week: Printed Tote Bags are popular giveaways at Freshers Week. They can be given away to all new students and filled with a welcome pack. Alternatively, they can be used by clubs & associations to attract students and boost sign-ups.
  • Raise Money: Printed bags are very cost-effective with a low unit cost when purchased in bulk, so they can be used to raise funds. Create a bag with your school logo, then sell for a profit! Can be sold at events or at the school reception
  • Educational Tool: We have worked with schools that have used a Bag for Life as a fun, educational way of engaging students. By creating a competition to design a printed bag for the school, children learn about design and branding, whilst also increasing their awareness of environmental issues. The winning design can be made into a printed logo bag and sold to raise funds for the school.
  • Promote Recycling Initiatives: Heavy Duty Recycling Bags are popular for halls of residence and refuse collection on campus. Create a recycling bag printed with information on how/why to recycle. Bags boost recycling rates on campus and educate students on the importance of recycling and reducing waste.

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How Printed Logo Bags can be used in Schools, Universities & Colleges

What our customers say

"“The ability to have the recycling information printed onto the bags themselves is far more efficient and effective than a standard recycling container and lose leaflet which may get lost.”"

Lizzie Eustace, University of Birmingham

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