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B2B Buyers - Why Price Shouldn't Be Your Only Consideration

The digital age has given us so many tools at our finger tips – skype, smartphones, apps and 24 hour ecommerce sites that allow us to do anything - anytime and anywhere!

We live in a global market place and B2B buyers can source products & services at the click of a button BUT just because we can, does it mean we should?

B2B Buyers - Why Price Shouldn't Be Your Only Consideration

B2B purchasers have so much information at their fingertips to search and secure the best deals with buying promotional items and supplies for their business. The internet and specialist apps have enabled pricing to become more transparent and for buyers to be able to contact factories overseas direct for queries and quotes.

It's easier then ever to cut out the "middleman" completely and go direct to the manufacturer. Buying direct - B2B - means you could negotiate huge savings, especially for higher value items such as promotional bags. But price shouldn't be your only consideration when buying for business.

Knowledge & Expertise is Priceless!

We often experience this with inquiries for promotional bags. Clients have gone down the route of trying to find a factory to source their bags and cut out the “middleman” only to realise it would have saved time and money if they had worked with a promotional bag specialist in the first place!

Saving money is great and we all love a bargain. But the downside to saving money can be that you're lacking the expert knowledge you need to get something manufactured in the most timely and economical way. Mistakes cost time and money to put right, so B2B purchasers may not save quite as much money as initially anticipated.

So, don't just use price as the deciding factor in making a purchase. Have you researched the service & expertise provided by a specialist wholesaler, as well as the quality of the finished product? They are every bit as important as price. Indeed, if any of these elements is lacking it can lead costs to spiral out of control as more changes are made and delivery is delayed. And we've known people to go it alone and end up with a delivery of poor quality promotional bags that can't be used as it would damage their brands reputation to be associated with such a shoddy product! 

Just because we can contact anyone, anywhere in the world at any time, doesn’t necessarily mean we should! From our experience, we've discovered many benefits to collaborating and outsourcing the production of a promotional bag to a specialist wholesaler. These benefits apply to promotional bags but could easily be applied to many other specialist/ high-value B2B products so take note and bear them in mind next time you're thinking about going direct to the manufacturer. 

3 Reasons B2B Buyers Shouldn't Buy Direct from Manufacturers

1. It will cost more time & money than you've bargained for

Firstly, it can take quite a while to find the right manufacturer. We have a fabulous working relationship with our factories in China which has been built over many years. Sourcing a factory to use for a one-off order is time-consuming and you'll also have to contend with time and language differences. This might be worth it if you plan to build a long-term relationship, otherwise it's probably more trouble than it's worth. 

Skip searching for a manufacturer and use a specialist supplier/wholesaler. They'll deal with the factory for you and can also guide you along the correct process to ensure that you avoid costly mistakes.

2. Harder to guarantee the quality & commitment of the supplier

 Do you really want to chance the quality of the delivered item? Going it alone makes it harder to quality check a big order and to know that you have chosen a reputable manufacturer.

Here at Smartbags we've been using the same production team since we started out in business and have a relationship built on trust and togetherness. You get this when your suppliers are not just suppliers but treated like partners. 


3. It's not an efficient way of working

 Concentrate on what you’re good at and let your partners, suppliers and those you collaborate with concentrate on what they do best!  It's easy to get tempted into doing everything ourselves but ultimately, it's not a productive use of time. Outsourcing does not mean not caring. Don’t limit your company’s potential by wanting to do it all. 


Expert knowledge is something you just can't put a price on. Devalue it and you run the risk of making costly mistakes and receiving poor products or services before finally turning it over to the experts anyway! Make sure you consider all factors in your B2B buying decisions and don't get swayed by the price only! 

(PHOTO CREDIT: Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)


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