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Spring Marketing Ideas - Fresh for 2022

Looking for fresh marketing ideas for Spring 2022? It's a great time of year for fresh starts, fun events and chocolate, so get your campaigns organised early to help your brand make the most of the Spring season.

Spring Marketing Ideas - Fresh for 2022

Spring & Easter are linked to themes of new life and new beginnings. It's a great time of year for a spring clean with a fresh approach to your marketing campaigns.

Spring is a feel-good time of the year as we emerge from the dark, cold winter into warmer weather and lighter days. People want to get out and about! With children off school for Easter and many adults getting a long weekend break, it's a fun time with Easter egg hunts, craft-making and of course, all that lovely chocolate!

Put a Spring in your step and use the season to promote your brand. No matter who your target market is, the Easter holiday provides some great opportunities for all types of business. Here's some suggestions on how to take advantage of the season and attract customers to your brand:

Three Ways to Promote Your Brand at Easter

1. Take Advantage of Spring-Cleaning Fever

It's traditional to have a Spring clean at home during this time of year so do the same for your marketing campaigns. Go over previous marketing data to identify what's worked well for you in the past and what hasn't. Throw out anything that isn't working for you and try something new.

Marketing Ideas Around Spring-Cleaning

Think about offering a product or service related to this theme. Cleaning and decorating services could create offers for customers looking to freshen up their homes for Spring.

If your business serves the local community, organise a community clean up of a beauty spot, beach, town centre or local park. Get everyone involved including local schools, community groups and business associations. Don't forget to let local newspapers and media know about what you're doing to help spread positive brand awareness.

Spring is also a busy time of year for garden centres as people start to prepare for summer. It's a great time to plant new bulbs and watch the garden burst back into life. Read Marketing & Promotional Ideas to Promote Garden Centres

There are many ways to take advantage of the Spring clean/fresh start - just think about what works best for your customers and business goals.

2. Send an Easter Card along with a Discount

Send customers and newsletter subscribers an Easter card to show you are thinking about them during the holidays.

Include a discount code that can only be used for a limited period over the Easter holidays to boost sales. Or you could offer a free Easter egg to everyone that shops with you over the Easter period. These strategies will encourage footfall to retailers or more visitors to your online shop.

This strategy also works for service-based businesses. Offer a discount to regular customers or a free add-on to your regular services. Or perhaps you could offer an Easter-themed gift for referrals that lead to a new customer? Think about what discount and/or gift works for your brand to boost sales and encourage loyalty in existing customers.

3. Use Competitions to Boost Brand Awareness & Your Mailing List

Competitions are a simple, economical way to boost brand awareness. Try creating a digital version of your Easter card that includes a discount code that's easily shared via social media. They'll help to grow your mailing list if new customers have to register their email address and subscribe to your list to get their discount.

Every person that shares the Easter card online could be entered into a prize draw for bigger prizes. This helps to spread your promotion to a new audience with little effort.

Alternatively, you could choose a skill-based competition that's related to Easter & Spring. Entrants could design their very own Easter Egg, Easter bonnet, or any number of Easter-themes! Display them online and get people to vote for their favourites to create some buzz around your brand.

Choose a prize that fits your brand and marketing goals. Do you want to offer an experience like a meal or tasting session? You could offer one bigger prize or a series of smaller prizes like an Easter-themed goody bag containing a free product sample, discount vouchers and other branded Easter giveaways.

These are just a few marketing ideas for promoting your brand for Spring 2022. Each can be adapted to suit your business needs and brand/marketing goals.

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