Benefits of using Promotional Bags for Supermarkets, Grocers & Food/Drink Brands

Supermarkets, Grocers & Food/Drink Brands

Are you tired of using flimsy single-use plastic bags and hungry for a branding solution that's also sustainable? Look no further than our printed shopping bags – the secret branding ingredient for indie supermarkets, grocers, and specialist food retailers.

Ditch Single Use Plastic & Bag Your Brand The Indie Supermarket's Guide to Printed Shopping Bags

Imagine this: Your customers strut down the street, carrying groceries and proudly displaying your vibrant brand on a beautifully printed supermarket shopping bag. It's a walking billboard, a conversation starter, and a loyal ambassador for your business, all in one.

Turn Supermarket & Grocery Customers into Brand Champions

Walking Billboards: Every shopping bag printed with your logo is a walking advertisement, spreading brand awareness wherever your customers go. Think of them as tiny ambassadors for your delicious business!

Show your Business Cares About Sustainability: Show your eco-conscious customers you care about sustainability. Choose reusable printed bags made from Woven PP (WPP) that reduce single-use plastic usage whilst creating fewer emissions and production/water wastage than bags made from natural fibres.

For full sustainability points, choose shopping bags made from recycled materials (we stock bags made from 100% recycled plastic bottles or 70% old rice sacks). It's a win-win for the planet and your brand image.

Printed Shopping Bags - A Practical Branding Tool for Food Retail

Strong enough for anything: Forget flimsy bags, boxes and wobbly crates – sturdy heavy-duty shopping bags are perfect for carrying and delivering groceries, even the heavy and bulky ones. They're easy to carry, store, and reuse, making life easier for your delivery team and customers alike.

Generate extra revenue: Why not offer stylish, branded bags for sale at checkout? Price them competitively, and you'll be surprised how many folks snap them up. They're not just bags, they're wearable billboards that enable your customers to promote your brand whenever they reuse the bag.

You could even partner with a local food bank, environmental organisation or charity to create special edition bags that raise awareness and funds for a good cause. It's a win-win for your brand, the community, and the planet.

Ditch Single Use Plastic & Bag Your Brand The Indie Supermarket's Guide to Printed Shopping Bags

Why work with Smartbags

Laminated LWPP Shopping Bags

These heavy-duty workhorses are perfect for lugging around the heaviest, bulkiest groceries like watermelons, pet food, tins and bottles. Durable, water-resistant, and easy to wipe clean - printed with your vibrant logo and laminated for extra shine. They'll be your customers' go-to shopping companions.

For wholesale orders of 5,000 bags plus, we'll upgrade the WPP material to 70% recycled for the same price as standard laminated WPP.

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Foldable Shopping Bags

Our strawberry-style foldable nylon bag is one of our most popular products for indie supermarkets and grocers. With a low minimum order of just 500 units and one of our most economical materials, it's a great choice for retailers on a budget.

We also manufacture a more sustainable and eco-friendly version of this foldable shopping bag made from 100% recycled bottles (rPET). This premium reusable grocery bag has a minimum order of 1000 units.

Both bags fold down into a pouch tht looks like a strawberry - hence the name! The folded bag fits neatly into a pocket or purse, so your customers are always prepared for impromptu grocery trips. Plus, they're super lightweight and machine-washable, making them a dream to use and care for.

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Ready to take the first bite out of branding success?

As specialists in creating printed bags for wholesale orders, we can supply a variety of reusable bag styles, sizes, materials, and printing options to customise the perfect bag for your supermarket, grocery or convenience store.

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