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Bag Your Brand: Ten reasons why promotional bags can work for your brand.

A stylish promotional bag is practical, handy and brings your brand alive. Here’s 10 reasons why you should Bag Your Brand:

Bag Your Brand: Ten reasons why promotional bags can work for your brand. 1. Generate Brand Exposure: An innovative way to get your brand into your target market’s homes, with the opportunity to be used and seen again and again.

2. Walking Billboard: Let your reusable bag get your message out there.

3. A Corporate Gift (that people want to receive): Everyone needs a bag.  It’s useful for social outings as well as corporate needs.  There’s only so many calendars a desk needs…

4. 101 Uses: There are 101 uses for a reusable bag – from shopping bags, to gym bags to meeting bags the list is endless.

5. Integrated Marketing Campaign: A reusable, promotional bag will create brand awareness and drive traffic to your website (make sure the web address is clearly printed on the bag).

6. Exhibitions & Events: Perfect as goodie bags, a reusable, promotional bag is a guaranteed way to get your brand noticed.

7. Feel good about 3 plastic bottles being transformed into a bag: Smartbags are specialists at rPET bags made from recycled bottles.  We’re at the forefront of manufacturing these high quality, low cost reusable ecobags.

8. ROI: Producing a reusable bag can cost the same per unit as a chocolate bar but is a tangible representative of your brand which will have a long, practical life – not a fleeting pleasure.

9. Flexibility: Working with you to determine your perfect promotional bag, there are many different bag styles to suit your needs and budget.  Our 100% double sided silk screen printing, Non-woven and Woven PP bags offer the perfect blank canvas to create a striking representation of your brand.

10. Fund Raise with Reusable Bags: If you’re a shop or charity, for instance, many customers appreciate the opportunity to buy an attractive branded reusable bag, so you can make money while feeling virtuous and let your customers do your advertising for you!

These are just some ideas for using a promotional bag to promote your brand. How do you use them? 

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